Friday, June 2, 2017

Alli's Fifth Grade Track Meet

(Paige had her 5th grade track meet today which got us talking about Alli's 5th grade track meet.  We went looking to re-read the blog post and discovered I had only written in on FB and never published it as a post.  So because I keep saying I'll print this blog one day, I've got to put up a post.  Who cares if it's two years late!  Hopefully it will inspire me to write about Paige's 5th grade track meet too. - Jodi)

the smile says it all - about to win the mile.
My daughter Alli is an all-or-nothing kid. She wears her emotions outside of her body - you never have to guess how she's feeling.  

She's a natural athlete and woud try/play every sport if we let her. Exercise has been such a great outlet for her boundless energy and been restorative to her emotional and mental well-being. She's a lot like her momma in that way.

The 5th grade track meet is loads of fun. All the 5th graders from across the Newberg/Dundee School District come together for one big track meet. It gives the kids a chance to experience the sport of track and field, learn the thrill of victory, and experience the agony of defeat. 

Alli trained hard for the meet, coming home from PE with frequent updates on her progress. It was awesome to be there the day of the meet to watch her put all these new skills to the test. She gave 110% of herself in every event, which makes me so proud. 

My favorite moment was during the Mile race. I was running the high jump and missed Alli's first two laps, but saw her coming around the 300 meter turn on the third lap with a giant smile on her face. It took me a while to realize she was winning the race, and by a wide margin. On her last lap, as she made the final turn to head for home her classmates started chanting her name. "Alli, Alli, Alli, Alli!" they yelled as she sprinted toward the finish line. It was such a special moment to watch. 

EVERY kid needs a moment like that in their life: a time when the world pauses to applaud loudly and celebrate who they are and how they are using their God-given gifts to make the world a better place. To be there to witness that moment in my daughter's life was incredible.

That race set the tone for Alli's day. She raced hard. Jumped high. Jumped far. And had a blast doing it all. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Way to go Alli Claire. This is a day I will remember as long as I live.

won the long jump with a jump of 11 feet 9 inches.

tied for first in the high jump

Acted like she was going to die, but won her heat of the 400 meters.
Relay team got second.
Long jump ribbon.