Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"I Hope I can Make Good Decisions When I Name My Children Too" - Guest Post by Paige Stilp

Well hello there.  I have all kinds of things to write about (like that fact that I have a high schooler and two junior higher with only one left in elementary school), but it all stays in my head cause raising four active kids is kind of busy.  But I love you all and miss you.  So big virtual hugs.  (((((HUG)))))

Paige came down to my office this afternoon with a present for me - a story she wrote for her 4th grade class assignment.

PAUSE: Did you read that right?  Paige - the Stilp Family Baby - is in 4th grade!  And she got contacts and braces and probably has grown a foot in the last year, or at least it seems that way.  GAH!

So this day at the beach she wore her glasses...

..but on the first day of school she was all about her contacts.
She's been watching me edit senior portraits.  I think she nails the pouty face.
Anyway...  her story was darling (as usual) and very thorough (as usual), so I wanted to share it. Writing is definitely one of her talents and passions.

The Story of My Name
by Paige Elizabeth Stilp
9 1/2 years old
4th grade

The story of my name is fun to tell so I'll tell you it now.

When my mom was pregnant with me she had a friend named Paige Elizabeth.  My mom really liked that name because she thought it was pretty.  Her friend said that she really liked her name so my mom said, "Let's name her Paige." My dad agreed.

If I was a boy my parents would've named me Shane or Cole.  My dad wanted to name me Shane and my Mom wanted to name me Cole.  They both wanted to name me Paige, but they had different plans for the boy name.

They liked the name Elizabeth because it meant God's promise.  So my name ended up being Paige Elizabeth or Little Girl who is God's promise.  My siblings liked my name too.

I love my name and hope I can make good decisions when I name my children too!

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