Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Every Six Months Update

Mother's Day Photo (thanks to my Man for taking it)

Mother's Day photo with The Man.  He's so awesome!
I have been so negligent in my writing.  It's kind of embarrassing.  Too many photos being taken and edited (a good thing for my business though).  Too much fun with the kids.  A lot of running.  And ridiculously incredible spring weather that includes sunshine, blue skies, and warm temperatures!  Oh and my best friend got married - shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Windsor.  I'd post a wedding picture but I was the photographer and I haven't had a chance to look at the pictures yet.  It's next on my list after this blog post.

BIG NEWS:  Curt starts graduate school in September at Portland State University.  He'll be earning his doctorate in Education Leadership (EDD).  In three years (and a lot of student loans later) we can all call him Doctor Stilp.  
Grad school family orientation
Paigey turned EIGHT in February.  Seriously?    She's so adorable and sticking to her theme of No Extracurricular Activities this year.  She's "taking the year off."  She invited friends over for pedicures and I recruited help to paint all those little toes.

Alli turned double digits (TEN) in March.  She invited friends to go bowling and eat cupcakes shaped like ice-cream cones.  My friend Cyndi offered to make the cupcakes AND deliver them to the bowling alley.  That is something to celebrate!  Alli is playing water polo for the first time and LOVES it.  It's like the sport was made for her intensity and energy.  Goalie is her favorite position.  Oh and she ran a local 5k with her best buddy Livy.  The both finished in 27 minutes and got 1st and 2nd place in their age division. #futuretrackstars

Grant turned THIRTEEN on Easter.  We have a teenager in the house now.  GAH!  Curt took him to Sunriver for some Man Training and Grant snowboarded for the first time while Curt skied.  They both wiped out but Curt is recovering much slower than Grant.  (It might have something to do with age.)   Grant broke his wrist this spring but got a water proof cast so he could still play water polo, drums, and skateboard - all of which he does with frequency and passion.  He has given up hope for a birthday party any time soon.  Maybe by the time Katie's birthday rolls around in July he'll be inviting his friends over to do something...
First tournament with his cast off and he scored a goal from the half-way point of the pool with one second left.
Teenager in the house!  This is how the family felt about taking pictures on Easter.
Katie will be TWELVE in July.  She ran track for the first time this year and loved the hurdles.  She qualified for the district meet in the hurdles and got a PR at districts.  I love photographing her when she's racing.  She's so intense and determined.

I ran my fourth marathon last month.  It didn't go so well, but at least I finished and learned a lot about hydration along the way.  I know better for next time.  Oh and I broke my finger in three spots so I had to train and run the race with a big 'ol brace.  I am glad to be done with the brace and working some flexibility back into my pinkie.
Finish line in my sights - "I'll run till I finish the race."
So that's our update.  I wrote a post for our Sole Sisters blog about a super fun girls weekend I had two weeks ago.  We hiked twice (three times if you count Detroit Dam), ran, did yoga, went to the spa, and ate a LOT of yummy food.

Click HERE for the more detailed summary with a bunch of photos of the beautiful state I call home.

Love to all of you!

~ Jodi