Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jordan Plus Kate - Another Big Gets Married

Sunday, May 24th, 2015, was a big day for the Stilp family.  Kate - another one of The Big's - got married.  It's hard to put into words how fun their wedding day was or how special it was for me to see so many people I love surrounding our beautiful Kate and her perfect-for-her new husband Jordan.  Joy was in our midst and you could just feel God smiling and saying, "Those are my kids and I'm so proud of them."

We met Kate through the children's ministry at our church.  She served faithfully in Paige's classroom so I saw her regularly at pickup and drop off.  Kate always had a ready smile and a kind word.  Plus she's just so pretty-  it's hard not to notice her big, blue eyes.  She is lovely in all ways.

Sarah Arnold (another one of our Big's) was friends with Kate and started inviting Kate to come to our house to hang out.  It wasn't long before our kids were asking, "Can Kate be a Big?"

Kate has a great family.  We're so thrilled they are willing to share her with us.  She doesn't have any biological siblings though, so she got ready-made siblings, complete with the chaos, noise, and fun that come with them, when she agreed to be a Big.

Last summer when Kate and I were picking blueberries she spent a lot of time telling me about this boy in her church community group.  He was a little older than Kate, established in his career, and knew what he wanted to do with his life.  He loved Jesus, shared Kate's affinity for LOUD music blaring from car speakers, and was pursuing her intentionally and with purpose.  I could tell by the way she talked about him that there was something very special about Jordan Stacy.

We met Jordan for the first time at a soccer game.  Kate came to watch the girls play and she brought Jordan along to meet us.  He was easy to talk to and engaged right away in the girl's game, cheering them on and complimenting each good play they made.  I appreciated the way he listened intently to Kate and paid attention to little things she needed.  It was obvious to us that Jordan liked Kate as much as she liked him.

Five months after they started dating, Jordan proposed at a quiet lake up by Mt. Hood.  When Kate called us to share the good news, I may have shrieked a little in her ear.  Even though their engagement happened quickly, it didn't seem rushed.  Jordan and Kate were meant to be together.  They are a great team.

#jordanpluskate started popping up on their wedding countdown photos and carried over into the wedding day.  I think it's adorable and hope they use this hashtag for years to come.

Jordan and Kate poured so much of themselves into their wedding plans through a million little details that revealed pieces of who they are.  It was special to see it all come together on their wedding day.  Together they decorated and designed a wedding venue, ceremony, and reception that reflected their love for Jesus, each other, and their family and friends.

Kate and Jordan asked Curt to officiate their wedding - a huge honor and one he didn't take lightly.  All the Bigs were there, except Josh who is wrapping up details on his own wedding that will take place in a couple of weeks.  It was so fun to be together again.

Before the wedding ceremony, Kate gathered her girls in a small room.  We circled around her, laid hands on her, and prayed for her.  We promised not to cry before we started (can't smudge the makeup), but there were few dry eyes when we finished praying.
Praying over Kate
Once Curt declared the two lovebirds were officially Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Stacy, the party started.  The Stilp kids LOVE to dance and this wedding was no exception.  As soon as the music played everyone started dancing and never really stopped.  Kate and Jordan mixed it up with their guests on the dance floor too.  It was so fun!
pre-ceremony selfie 
The girls got one quick hug with Kate before the wedding
Get down!
When Kate and her Dad did their father-daughter dance, they invited other fathers and daughters to join them on the dance floor.  Somehow Curt managed to dance with all three of his daughters at the same time.  He hugged them, spun them, and loved on them.  They were beaming in the safety of his love and I was a puddle of mush.  Such a tender moment.
Father Daughter dance times three

Kate and Jordan escaped to the their honeymoon through a tunnel of sparklers held by cheering friends and family.  It was a perfect end to an awesome day.
sparkler exit...  happily ever after.
Congratulations Jordan and Kate.  We love you both and are excited to see how God continues to write your love story.  Cheers!

PS Here are some of my favorite photos of our crew at their wedding.
We took a picture similar to this one at Peter and Molly's wedding four years ago.  What a difference that makes!
May I hold the door for you ladies? 
Katie (and Paige)
Sarah, me, and Sarai  
Reverend Stilp (hee hee) 
Sarai and Grant
My date for the ceremony.  It's not often Grant and I look alike, but I think we do in this photo.

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