Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Day on the Homestead: Stilp Family Vacation 2014: Part Seven of Who Knows How Many

Curt grew up on a hobby farm on the outskirts of a small town in Minnesota, just west of the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.  His parents built the house they still live in when his Mom was pregnant with Curt.  Needless to say, a lifetime of memories reside out at Lake Ridge Farm.  It was really special to bring the kids out to the homestead and watch them revel in all the activities that Curt enjoyed growing up.

Curt's Dad, Mo, is quite the carpenter.  He helped build the house and then over the years added the garage, a beautiful barn, a chicken coop and a darling playhouse for the grandkids.
Curt and Grant with his brother Chad and his dad Mo
Bonus by the barn that Mo built 
view from the top of the windmill
Curt's Mom, Carole, is an animal lover and so gifted with them.  She always has chickens in the coop, a cat (or two), and at least two dogs.  Since I've known her, she's always had labs and she walks them every morning and night.  Carole loves horses and Morgan, the horse they had when Curt was growing up, died in 2009.  My niece Madison got a horse last year and now Bonus wanders around the pasture that Morgan ruled for years.
chickens make a farm
the pasture with Morgan's grave marker in the distance
Carole and her current dogs: Nellie and Bella
Our kids couldn't get enough of the chickens and they weren't scared of them.  They held them off and on all day.  Alli got pooped on and wasn't phased by it at all.  She changed into Grandma's clothes and kept playing.

her freckles are my favorite!

Madi took the girls on horse rides around the pasture - a first for Paige and a highlight for Katie who has always wished for "five acres and a horse."

I meandered the property, recalling all the memories made in the years we lived in Minnesota, and took a ton of photos.  I even climbed the windmill to take some shots of the property looking down.

Paige played for hours in the play house, setting up tea parties, cooking meals, and dressing up.  She also tore it up on the swing set, that Grandpa also built.
the playhouse matches the big house

All the kids dug out Curt's old toys and played Little People, Legos, arcade games and cars.  Grant commandeered an old plastic Army hat and chased the rooster around until he finally caught it.
finally caught it!
We threw the ball for the dogs.

Ate a LOT!

And reminisced even more.
Lara was my friend before I met Curt.  We go WAY back!

It was lovely.
a lot of the Stilp Women
Thank you Mo and Carole for such a wonderful, memory making experience.  We can't wait to come back again.  And we love you dearly!

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