Thursday, August 14, 2014


Our son Grant embraces whatever his current passions are with all the enthusiasm in the world.

He has always liked skateboarding, but in the past six months has really gotten into longboarding.  He picked out a long board from Arbor Axis for his 13th birthday and has taken immaculate care of it.

I know nothing about longboarding - save what he tells me - but he is outside skating every day and is teaching himself all kinds of cool tricks.

He perfected a "toe slide."

And most recently a "squattie" - no hands while he's sliding.

Grant has broken both wrists in two separate skateboarding crashes so he knows it's a dangerous sport.  He ALWAYS wears his helmet and has used his lawn mowing money to buy himself a new helmet and "slide" gloves.

I also love that he is passing his passion on to others.  Our neighbors have three young boys who really love Grant and look up to him.  He's been teaching their oldest son (Grady) how to longboard and Grady is catching on so quickly.

When Grant perfects a new trick, he invites me to come out and photograph him doing it.

Here are some pictures from his latest outing.

I also think it's hilarious that the jeans he was wearing in JUNE all became shorts because he's growing so much.

Good job son!  You look awesome out there.

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