Friday, August 22, 2014

Baseball in Minnesota: Stilp Family Vacation 2014 - Part Three of Who Knows How Many

One of the things that kills me about living hundreds (and in the case of Minnesota - thousands) of miles away from all my nieces and nephews is missing out on all their sporting events.

Almost all of them play sports, but we've never seen them play.  (Pass the Kleenex).

When we were in Minnesota, we got to see my nephew Tyler pitch a baseball game.  He's going to be a junior and he's a good baseball player.

It was a bit surreal to be at the field watching him pitch his team to a victory.  My brother-in-law Cory is one of the team coaches and it was fun to see him in action too.

The field Tyler's team played at happened to be in a super cool neighborhood in Minneapolis and very close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  Big planes came and went directly overhead through the entire game, making for an added element of fun.
Tyler with our family
Stilp Boys (minus a few that weren't at the game)
After Tyler's game we grabbed dinner at Chili's - one of our favorite restaurants but hard to come by in Oregon.
Self-timer on the iPhone.
We missed seeing Tyler's siblings, but were glad to see him!
Thanks Tyler for letting us come cheer you on.  I hope we didn't embarrass you too much with all our cheering!

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