Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013 Highlights

Christmas Eve 2013
Our Christmas break was magical.  No one got super sick, the kids got along and kept the bickering to a minimum, we mixed fun activities with lots of relaxing, ate a lot of good food, enjoyed beautiful weather, gave each other thoughtful and fun presents, and soaked in two weeks of agenda-free fun.

There have been MANY Christmas breaks where my dreamy expectations were shattered by life's realities.  I know that what we experienced was Disney-esque and we are all so grateful.

Christmas Eve - downtown Portland
One morning after breakfast we went around the table and we all shared our favorite Christmas memory and Christmas gift.  Here are the results.  (Can I get a drum roll please?)....

Favorite Moment
Favorite Gift
Paige (7 ¾ years old, 2nd grade)
·      Learning to tie my new shoes on Christmas Day
·      Flutter, my DreamLite.
·      My new shoes that I can tie.
·      I can’t pick – I like them all.
Alli (9 ¾ years old, 4th grade)
·      Going to Grandma’s for dinner on Christmas Day
·      Cabbage Patch Doll like Mommy used to have.
·      My Seat Pet so maybe I’ll nap in the car on long drives.
·      Oh and my new boots.
Katie (11 ¼ years old, 6th grade)
·      Playing family soccer in the cul de sac on Christmas Day
·      Boots – finally!
·      Getting an Instagram account – finally!
Grant (12 ¾ years old, 7th grade)
·      Christmas Eve concert at the Schnitz.
·      A new cymbal set.  DUH.
·      And getting an Instagram account is cool too.
Curt (38 ½ years old, no grade)
·      Playing soccer in the cul de sac as a family on Christmas Day.
·      Swapping special gifts with Dad and Marcy.
·      Boots. (What a rule follower – he only chose one thing).
Jodi (39 years old, no grade)
Do I have to pick?  I loved it all.
·      Soccer in the cul de sac.
·      My Dad's photo canvas arriving at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve and getting to give it to him in person on Christmas Day.  (Kleenex please).
·      Having Christmas with my Mom and Terry in their home and not at the hospital. (more Kleenex please).
·      MAGICAL Christmas Eve concert at the Schnitz and stopping to get stocking candy on the way home at the only Walgreens that was open.
Do I have to pick? I loved it all.
·      All my new running gear cause I think it makes me run faster.
·      A Great Falls Fire and Rescue sweatshirt from my big brother, Captain Klippenes.
·      A new office chair and tripod from My Love.

And because no post is complete without pictures, here are a few of my favorites.
it was so incredible to center our hearts and minds around the gift of Jesus on Christmas Eve.

All dressed up on Christmas Eve.

magic of Christmas Eve
Alli read the Christmas story out of the Bible to our family this year on Christmas morning.  Happy birthday Jesus!
Christmas Morning 2013
 (not sure why that random box is appearing below but I'm going to just roll with it.  Happy Christmas - a month late).

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