Friday, July 26, 2013

Timothy Lake Camping Trip

the best we could do at a self-timer family photo
We recently spent a weekend tent camping at Timothy Lake.  Located in the shadow of Mt. Hood, this big, beautiful lake defines relaxation and family fun.  The lake has a thirteen mile circumference with several campgrounds nestled on its bank. We camped at the Gone Creek Campground, our third time in five years as residents here.
even Dusty got in on the fun
The camp sites at Gone Creek Campground are HUGE and private.  Well marked hiking trails surround the campground, and many of the camp sites are literally right on the shore of the lake.  Amenities are limited to pit toilets and potable water, but the toilets are clean and less smelly than most.  Boats are allowed on the water, but there is a no wake restriction on the entire lake, making for a quiet, relaxing experience.

Family Photo after our Bible Study

We prefer campsite number 39.  It's located on a bluff above the lake, is ridiculously large, surrounded by trees, backs to hiking trail on one side and has a beautiful view of the lake. The adventure possibilities are unlimited!
magical, unedited images taken in the late evening sun

Highlights from this trip include:
  • Family Bible study on the logs at our campsite.  We laughed, prayed, and learned as a family with beautiful Timothy Lake as our backdrop.
  • Trail run.  The trail around the lake is wide, well-marked, flat, and relatively smooth for being a trail.  Some year I would love to run all thirteen miles of it, but this year I settled for a beautiful five mile run. 
  • Late night swims. Both nights the kids went down to the lake and jumped in the very cold water for a swim before bed.  They frolicked and shrieked as the last rays of sunlight reflected on the water.  
  • Fort building.  The kids found a hollowed out log in the woods just past our campsite and spent the weekend constructing a really detailed, two-room fort.
  • Private beach.  We borrowed a hybrid kayak/canoe and three inner tubes from a friend and went out on the lake.  It was our first time having a boat up at the lake and we all loved it.  The girls rode on inner tubes tied behind the kayak while Curt and I rowed.  Dusty (our dog) sat in the boat and Grant swam alongside it.  We rowed/swam/tubed ourselves to a private section of beach on the lake.  The kids played for hours on a log anchored near the shore.
  • Cots.  As Curt and I get older tent camping is losing a bit of its luster in the Sleep Department.  This year we bought ourselves cots and WHOA!  We slept solid through each night, a rare and awesome experience.
  • Simplicity.  There is something restorative about taking a couple of days to just BE.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Eat.  Sleep.  Play.  Be together.  
  • Milkshakes at Calamity Janes.  We stopped in Sandy, Oregon, on the way home for ginormous milkshakes.  So yummy and delicious on a hot, summer day.

unposed - Dusty loves Curt!

Paige's late evening swim

Alli in the fort

spider web
Thank you Timothy Lake for another great camping experience.  I'm sure we'll be back soon.

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