Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Little Things Make all the Difference

Grandpa Don and Grandma Marcy with the kiddos
Sometimes it's the little things in life that make all the difference.  Our family recently traveled to Central Oregon to visit my Dad and his wife Marcy for the weekend.  We were overdue for a visit and were so excited to have two days together.

Nothing we did was incredibly spectacular and I don't think any of us could have enjoyed our time more.  It really is the little things...

  • We got to tour and explore Dad and Marcy's new-to-us house.
  • We all flopped around in the living room, chatting and chilaxin.
  • Dad, Curt and I spent thirty minutes fighting with their awning.  The awning won, but man did we laugh while we tried to get it to play nicely with others.
  • Grant caught and killed lizards (with Grandma's blessing) and the girls honored their memory by naming them and burying them in the Lizard Graveyard.
    Lizard Graveyard with three grave sites.
  • Grandpa and Grant spent a good part of the afternoon drawing targets and then filling them with bullets from Grandpa's high-powered pellet gun.  Grant did most of the shooting.  Grandpa did the spotting.  They both wore huge smiles.
    Grant and Grandpa shooting and spotting
  • The girls played with the dogs in their outdoor kennel for hours.  They pretended they were in jail and Grandma Marcy played along with their Prison Game.  She even visited them "in jail" and brought them iced tea. 

  • We ate good food and lots of it.
  • Measured Grant's growth against Grandma Marcy's height.  They are eye-to-eye.  It won't be long before Grant is taller.
  • Dad showed us many of Grandpa George's tools and treasures.  We reminisced about what a good man he was and took pictures of all his cool stuff.
  • We took an after dinner walk to make room for more of Grandma Marcy's delicious fresh blueberry pie.
  • My Dad and I took a long walk on a river trail that showcased Bend's beauty: rivers, canyons, bluffs, snow-capped peaks, and scruffy desert.  The walking and talking was a great way to start a beautiful day.
  • The kids took full advantage of the novelty of a night in a hotel.  They closed the outdoor pool down at night and were the first ones in the water the following morning.  Curt and I sat in the morning sunshine, drinking our coffee and eating donuts while the kids played.  SO indulgently relaxing.
  • And of course there is just the straight beauty of all the snow-capped mountains and the dry desert air.  So different than the valley where we live, but still equally inviting.
All "little things" but so priceless and relaxing.  Thanks Dad and Marcy for a really lovely time.  We love you.

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  1. Very cool, Jodi! Sounds like a great, life-giving weekend for all of you. So glad. - Love, Faith