Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Huhuhu is so Snowy - guest post by Grant Stilp

Grant - 11 1/2 years - 6th grade
My son Grant is very imaginative. He always come up with the most creative stories and ways to play. Every once in a while he lets me read the stuff he's writing for school assignments. This story blew me away.

The assignment was to invent a culture and write a myth that the culture believed. In Grant's story, the myth is the story of why the people think their land is so snowy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Why Huhuhu is so Snowy
by Grant Stilp (11 years, 6th grade)

One day in a land far away called Huhuhu there was a tribe called Mimi and a tribe called Fifi. Huhuhu was very warm and tropical, and had many resources.  The tribes got along well together, sharing the riches and the wild game fairly. That was until the people of Fifi discovered Mount Lulu.

The mountain was filled with radiant glowing treasure. There were shiny emeralds, glowing ameythest, beautiful sapphire, transparent jade, topaz, and a deep green opal. Fifi became a very rich tribe where everybody had more than enough money and a giant mansion. Meanwhile...

The people of Mimi were upset, so they set off on an adventure of their own to find something the people of Fifi didn’t have. After searching, they found a portal to a secret majestic world that they named Fufufu. Fufufu was thriving with wild game of all sorts of wacky colors. There were deer with crimson coats and bears with amber coats. The moose even had a translucent coats that you could see through. Mimi was salivating.

When the people of  Mimi showed the people of Fifi their crimson colored hides the people of Fifi brought out their emeralds and diamonds. The friendly trade lasted only a short while before it grew to a heated dispute. The people would break into a fight over a tuft of  translucent fur or a tiny piece of jade. Each village would try to be better than the other. When someone from Mimi brought home a violet hide someone from Fifi would bring home Argillaceous clay.  The people of Fifi spent more time making sterling swords and gilded axes for war than enjoying their mansions. Every morning instead of hunting, the People of Mimi would take their ratchets and crank their catapults just in case Fifi attacked.

One day deep in the heart of winter, the tension between them grew too high. Both tribes hated each other too much. Each tribe thought they were better than the other. Mimi attacked, firing their catapults at Fifi. Fifi counterattacked, throwing their axes at Mimi. A great war broke out destroying the peace in the land. Fifi and Mimi’s numbers were going down fast. God was far from enraptured about this. He decided to end it once and for all. So he sent the whole entire land into a flurry of snow and ice destroying the tropical climate. All the people died because they were not properly dressed for this kind of weather.  

Now their ancestors the tribe of Arbutus lives in Huhuhu. They live a tough punishing life in the freezing climate. Their ultimate dream is to find Mount Lulu and the portal to Fufufu and live a prosperous life filled with riches.

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