Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brag on God

I just have to to take a second to brag on God.  I have been really challenged with parenting in the past few months.  Consistent behavior patterns in my kids have stretched, challenged and exhausted me on every level. I was at a low point this morning so I emailed my Haiti Sisters to ask them to pray for me and for my kiddos.

Many of them responded with individual notes of love and encouragement.  Several of them typed up the exact things they were praying for me and for my kids.  I was humbled that my friends would so earnestly and quickly pray for me and my children.

One Sista took the time to remind who God is.  She wrote: God is El Roi, the God who Sees you and Hears you.  And He not only sees you and hears you but He Rescues.  He is the God of Peace, of Comfort and of Joy.  He is YAHWEH, the I AM, and everything he is, He will be to you.  I can't tell you how much I needed their encouragement.  I can't tell you how much I needed to be pointed back to truth.  To what really matters.  My friends ministered to me through their emails and I felt my spirit beginning to lift.

Another friend, who had no idea that the last two days have been really rough, sent me a long text message.  The message encouraged me in every parenting weakness I have and reaffirmed her love for my kids.  She took time to point out individual beauty in my kiddos that is sometimes hard to see when entrenched in the battle.  I was so humbled by her love and how what she wrote was EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded of.

My Dad called.  He just happens to be passing through town on Thursday and I get to have coffee with him.  What an unexpected treat.

My eleven-year-old son, who was home alone with me today, noticed that I was engrossed in a work project.  On his own, he made me lunch and then forced me to step away from my project and sit down to eat with him.  A highlight of my day for sure.

My body is healed from all those silly overuse injuries and I was able to bang out some of my frustrations running hill repeats.  A good sweat is always so therapeutic for me.

By the time I gathered my girls from camp today, I was a whole new woman.  Even better, they all had awesome reports of a fun day with no issues - a direct answer to prayers being offered on my children's behalf.

Over and over Jesus loved me through my friends and family today.  His extravagant love humbles me.  I don't deserve it, but I am so grateful for it.  THANK YOU to each of  you who played a part in encouraging me today.  God is so good.


  1. What a blessing that you were able to receive these notes. No doubt that you were touched, by just the right messages and just the right people, at just the right time. God is very good that way!
    Happy to see you are running again!

    1. Thanks Raina! How are you feeling after your injury?