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Happy First Year Anniversary Peter and Molly!

Our dear friends, Peter and Molly Holmes, got married one year ago this week.  I've wanted to blog about their wedding for a year now.  I wanted to capture every detail.  Every emotion.  I wanted to get it perfect.

Unfortunately the desire to "get it perfect" paralyzed me and it's been an entire year since we witnessed them make their marriage covenant before God and before witnesses.  And now all the details and emotions that were so vivid for weeks after the wedding are a bit blurred around the edges.  Dang it all.  So I'll start with a big, huge HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and try to wipe the cobwebs from my memory.

Peter was one of the first people I met when we moved from Chicago to Oregon in July of 2008.  The first time we visited Solid Rock we knew it would be our new church home.  There happened to be a 2nd grade (that's how old Grant was when we moved here!) outing at Safari Sam's the following Saturday.  We were desperate for friendship in any form so we asked Grant if he wanted to go.  He agreed.  I arranged to meet the church bus at Safari Sam's and was told to "look for Peter.  He's in charge."
our family around the time we first met Peter - Summer 2008
Grant and I arrived early and sat nervously waiting for the bus to arrive.  We saw it enter the parking lot and then saw an overgrown kid walking confidently toward the door.  He came in, made eye contact, gave Grant and I a huge smile that overtook his adorable baby face, and asked, "Are you Grant?  I'm Peter."  I almost fell off my chair.  There was no way this kid was Peter!  But he was.  Grant came home sweaty, content, and loving all things Peter or Solid Rock related.

Fall of 2008 we started attending a house church (Solid Rock's version of small group) and were thrilled when we discovered Peter was the worship leader.  He led worship as passionately as he wrestled with kids.  Curt and I just thought he was pretty incredible.  I remember telling him one week, "If Grant grows up to be anything like you we'll know we've done our job well."

A few weeks into the school year, an adorable, bubbly brunette started catching rides to house church with Peter.  Molly was sweet, kind, and vulnerable.  I remember the courage she summoned in small group to ask for prayer over something that was troubling her.  I was drawn to her beautiful smile, her frequent giggle, her raw love for Jesus, and the way she interacted with our kids.  They were as captivated as we were.

We invited Peter and Molly over to hang out for the first time in January of 2009.  Molly and I had been whispering behind Peter's back about their "friendship" and wondering if or when he'd ever have the Define The Relationship (DTR) talk with her.  We ate dinner, wrestled with the kids, and Peter and Molly even helped us put the kids to bed.  We stayed up late talking and playing dominos (Peter cheats by the way).  It was the first of MANY nights just like it.

The night before Peter and Molly became boyfriend and girlfriend

The very next day Peter took Molly on an all-day date and ended it by asking her to be his girlfriend.  It was so fun to watch their relationship unfold over the next two years as they grew up, and grew in their knowledge of each other and God's plan for their lives.  They also became an extension of our family, coming to the kids' birthday parties, to family night a camp, and Molly was even with us when Paige got her ears pierced.
Peter and Molly at family night at Camp Tilikum 
Ears pierced and new accessories.  A perfect date!
When Peter proposed, Molly called us.  We hooped and hollered and celebrated.  Then we got busy planning a wedding.  Molly is organized, opinionated (in a good know-what-she-wants way), crafty, and efficient.  She was a well-oiled machine planning every detail of her wedding exactly as she'd always dreamed it would be.  Through the process of wedding planning, invitation addressing, and bridal shower hosting we got to know Peter and Molly's parents.  It was such a treat to hear stories from when they were little and glean wisdom from moms who raised such incredible and godly children.

Molly and I at the shower I helped host for her
Peter graduated from college and came on staff at Solid Rock as a children's ministry pastor.  Could there be a more perfect job for him?  Molly just graduated with her elementary education teaching degree?  Could there be a more perfect job for her?  
Rehearsal Dinner - could they be any cuter?

Molly didn't want any of her Little Girls to miss out on her wedding and she didn't want to chose just one flower girl.  So she did something I had never heard of before.  She had an open call for flower girls.  She personally invited each of my daughters to be HER flower girl.  And she personally invited every other little girl who would attend the wedding to be HER flower girl.  My girls felt so important.  We went shopping and bought flower girl dresses and shoes that weren't scuffed.  They told anyone who would listen that they were going to be in Peter and Molly's wedding.  It was a first for all three of them and I couldn't think about it without getting weepy.

The day of the wedding - May 20th, 2011 - finally came.  Months of planning.  Months of anticipation.  Joy.  Tears.  Laughter.  It all culminated in this one day - a day to celebrate the love story God was writing between Peter and Molly.  It was so exciting!

Molly was breathtakingly beautiful.  Peter, who will always look like that overgrown boy to me, was very handsome in his tux.  The two together - clearly in love.  The bridal party came in and took their places.  I've never seen Peter look so nervous before!  He took a huge deep breath as we waited for the doors to open and Molly to come through.

But the music stopped and Bucky (our friend who married them) invited any little girl interested in being a flower girl to meet at the back of the church.  It sounded like a stampede as excited little girls flocked to the staging area.  The music started up again - this time playing Jesus Loves Me - and in they came.  Two by two, carrying little paper cones of flower petals, and oh-so-proudly walking down the aisle.  Our girls beamed at us.  I think Alli waved but I couldn't see very well through the cloud of tears.  Those girls all knew beyond a shadow of doubt that Yes, Jesus loved them because Peter and Molly loved them so well.

Molly came down the aisle on her Daddy's arm, but her eyes were on her groom.  It was magical.

Bucky launched into his message about marriage and how Peter would need Molly day to day, including kisses.  As soon as he said this, a chorus of little voices declared, "EWWWWW!!!!!!"  It was hilarious.

When I wasn't pew wrestling with Alli, I was crying over the sweetness of Peter and Molly's love.  It was an honor to celebrate with them God's perfect plan and timing in bringing them together as husband and wife.
how our family had changed in the few years we knew Peter and Molly

Even at the reception, Peter and Molly showed their kindness and love for kids.  When the Master of Ceremonies announced Peter and Molly as husband and wife to their guests, the doors burst open and Peter and Molly, with Katie at their side, walked in together.  By that time, Alli had made herself an honorary bridesmaid and hadn't left their side for hours.

Our kids partied hard, dancing until all the grown ups were too tired to dance any more.  The big kids, Peter and Molly included, made sure the kids were right in the thick of the action.  It was really, really fun to watch them all have such a great time.
Yep.  That's MY seven year old daughter commanding the dance floor.

Molly's mom sent me home from the wedding with a huge bouquet of flowers from one of the tables.  It sat on my counter for the better part of a week reminding me of Peter and Molly's love and the memories we've made with them.

We love these two!
When we helped Peter and Molly move out of Peter's apartment and into THEIR apartment,  I rescued Peter's childhood bookcase and two stools from the Goodwill pile.  They now are repurposed in our playroom, something the kids think is really cool.  Every time Peter and Molly come over, the kids remind Peter that they now have some of his stuff from when he was a kid.

Happy anniversary to one of the neatest young couples around.  We love you and celebrate your love today!

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  1. How lovely to relive some of the wedding excitement through the eyes and heart of such a special friend. Tears were rolling down my cheeks by the third paragraph. They are such a beautiful couple and are blessed with so many godly, loving, and supportive friends. Thank you for being such a sweet friend to Molly and for all your help and support in making their wedding so beautiful. The shower you and Britta hosted for Molly was so lovely and thoughtful -- in every detail.