Monday, April 16, 2012

My Brother - Guest Post by Alli Stilp

CRAZY family
Sorry for the delayed absence from my blog.  This is the busiest time of year for our family.  Three kid birthdays in nine weeks.  One kid playing water polo.  Two kids playing softball on two separate teams with two separate schedules.  Peak marathon training schedule.  Field trips times four kids since theoretically the weather is supposed to be improving and outdoor picnics should be feasible.  And a new one this year - I'm assistant coach for Alli's softball team.  I've written many posts in my head when I'm running, but none have made it to paper yet.  I keep telling myself, "It will slow down soon"but really it won't until school's out.  And then I won't remember what I was going to write about in the first place. C'est la vie!

Grant and Alli have always had a special bond, from the day we brought her home.

Alli, (who turned eight three weeks ago and I'm happy to report DID get her typewriter), has been on a writing streak.  Some with her typewriter.  Some with her hand.  She wrote a story called My Brother - complete with illustrations - and then read it to her class before bringing her masterpiece home to share with us.  Of course I thought it was hilarious and decided share it with you.  Here is Alli's story - exactly as she wrote it.

Grant's Rock Star Band - circa two years ago

My Brother
by Alli Stilp
8 years old, 2nd grade

Grant is my brother.  He is anyying sometimes. He is handsome in my opinion.  His full name is Grant Andrew Stilp.  He was born April 20th, 2001.  He was born in the Hopsial.  His anishals (intials) are G-A-S.  Which spells gas.

He listens to music alot and chews lots of gum.  He is a total Rock Star.  I mean He isn't a real Rock Star, but he is like one.  He is a shortish longish haired boy and he can really wip his hair back and forth.

My brother loves Jesus.  He reads his Bible a lot. He even has a chart for it.  He prays every night with my dad or my mom.  He is a big fan for Jesus.  He goes too church with the rest of the family.

I love my brother a lot.  he is a funny head.  he laughes all the time.  he has a tickel spot.  If I tell you, will you promise to not tell anyone.  It is his neck.  My brother is a very hard worker.  He does jobs for the naighborrs.  I love him.  He is awesome.  He has blound hair and blue eyes.

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