Monday, February 6, 2012

Forsaking All Others - Guest Post by Faith Walter

not a great picture, but it's of Faith and I when
they were home on furlough and visited us in Newberg.
Today's post is written by my long-time friend Faith Walter.  Well spoken, articulate, and a talented musician, Faith has always inspired me with her intelligence and sense of humor.  She has the ability to take a big, vague vision and put together a nuts-and-bolts plan to make it work.  She is living that out right now in Spain where she, her husband Nate, and their four kids live as missionaries to pilgrims walking the Camino.  Their dream is to open a hostel to share Jesus' love with the pilgrims who are on a spiritual journey.  A deep thinker and loyal friend, Faith loves Jesus and daily lives out her faith.  It is a privilege to count her as a close friend.

I'm excited to share this post with you.  Faith and her husband Nate take a risk in their willingness to be vulnerable so we can learn from what God is teaching them.  I hope you are challenged and encouraged as you mull over HER STORY.  (Click the link to read Faith's post.)  Happy reading.

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  1. Wow, Jodi, thanks for all the kind words. It's like you wrote my eulogy! Hahaha. I like how you put "HER STORY" all in caps :). Love you too.