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Thoughts on Proverbs 2 - Guest Post by Curt Stilp

celebrating fourteen years of marriage

My very studly, funny and Godly husband, Curt, is the guest author for today's post.  We decided to read the Bible through again this year using Solid Rock's Bible reading plan.  This plan is set up to read two chapters from the Old Testament, one chapter from the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb each day.  By the end of the year, we'll have read the book of Proverbs 12 times, but it's so rich - it never gets old.  Wanna join us?

Grant (10 years) and Katie (9 years) are joining us on the journey.  Alli (7 years) is tackling the New Testament.  It's so fun to read as a family because we can hold each other accountable.  An added benefit is the table talk reading together produces.  Since we're all reading the same stuff, we dialog about what God is teaching us.  Today's post came from Curt's quiet time this morning.  It totally blessed me.  I know it will bless you too.  Happy reading!

Thoughts on Proverbs 2 From Curt Stilp

Honestly, I think Proverbs chapter 2 is my favorite chapter in all the Bible.  Serious statement, I know but I just love how it clearly lays out the results of not striving after God and the benefits of a life that searches, looks for and seeks out the God who made us.  Below is a little break-down of what this chapter says:

Results of not striving after God: (notice this does not say the results of those who don’t know God or haven’t professed faith in him, it just means that your walk is in-active.  Look at the action words in v2-4)
·         Lack of understanding and knowledge of who God is and what He is up to in your life
·         Lack of wisdom in making decisions
·         Lack of protection and guidance
·         Confusion
·         Perverse ways, crooked paths, dark ways, evil and devious ways
·         Easily falling into traps and giving into temptation
·         Breaking of your covenants (your word means nothing)
·         Death
·         Cut off from God’s blessing, gift, provision and promise (The land represents God’s promise to Israel, his gift, provision and blessing to them)

Benefits or by-products of following God whole-heartedly, looking, searching and seeking him out: (this requires daily action)
·         Understanding and knowledge of who God is, knowing his heart for you and your life
·         Wisdom, success, protection and safety
·         Guidance away from decisions that will harm you
·         Understanding of the right path to take
·         Protection from friendships with people who will lead you in the wrong direction (so important for our kids)
·         Protection from an immoral life that leads to death
·         The continual gift of God’s promise, provision and blessing in your life (remain in the land)

I just love that chapter.  It is so clear that we have a daily choice to be active in our faith or apathetic.

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