Friday, January 27, 2012

"I Am Giving You Courageness In Your Heart"

the first of what I'm sure will be many medical teams
And he's off to Haiti again...  My husband Curt just texted me from a plane bound for Port au Prince, Haiti, via JFK airport in New York.  He's leading Solid Rock and Forward Edge's first medical team to Haiti.  It's so exciting.

When he came back from Haiti in June 2010, Curt told me, "I really wish I could use my medical skills to serve the people in Haiti.  A little over a year later, he's doing just that.  It's so cool how God breathed life into this vision.

On Tuesday night the team had their packing party.  When Curt dropped his 50-pound bag on the garage floor, I was surprised at the amount of emotion and memories it stirred in me.  When I went to Haiti, we stuffed those big red bags full of dresses and shoes for the Haitian women.  This time, they're filled with medical supplies.  
look who's going back to Haiti!

Tonight we crammed around our kitchen table and ate dinner as a family - all seven of us.  After dinner, we dropped Katie off at a birthday party and headed to the airport.  We arrived way too early - but that's how Curt likes it - and the kids ran around while we waited for Curt's team to arrive.  One by one, they trickled through the airport doors armed with expectant smiles and lugging huge red duffle bags.  Alli and Paige made friends with all the girls.  Grant did man stuff, schlepped bags and bonded with a young guy on Curt's team.  When all twenty-five team members had arrived and checked in, we gathered in a huge circle, held hands and prayed.
quick family picture in the scenic garage before we left for the airport

Alli wept when she said goodbye to her Daddy.  He's off to change the world and she's gonna miss him.  We all will.  But we know God has called Curt to this mission.  We know He has great plans in store.  It's oh-so-exciting.
it was a tough goodbye this time

I asked the kids to write cards for Curt and then we made packets for him to open each day while he's away.  I read Alli's (7 1/2 years) note through tears - it's so precious.  She wrote:

"Dear Dad,

I have a prayer for you.  - Dear God - I hope your son Curt will have a good time in Haiti.  God, I know you can help Curt in Haiti because you have mighty hands.  God, I put your blessing on Curt in Haiti.  God, I give Curt braveness in Haiti.  I love you soooo much.  Amen.  

Dad - I will miss you a lot.  You are a very loving, kind, funny man.  I love you sooooo much.  I am giving you courageness in your heart.  Always remember that God is with you and is on your side.  Love- Alli"
one last squeeze before we left

Jesus - will you bless this team and give them all "courageness in their hearts" to do the work You have prepared for them?  And bring them home safely we pray.  Amen.


  1. (((((JOJO)))))

    I know what is like to get Haiti in your heart...i head back to volunteer at God's Littlest Angels (orphanage) in April after a wonderful trip in 2010.

    Your kids and the notes they wrote for Curt are absolutely precious!! Reading them left me in tears :)

    I am praying for Curt and his team and for you and the kids as he is on this trip.

    Loving God, Loving Haiti, Loving Jojo and Her Family!!

    Kelly D <>< :)

  2. We're praying for him, Jodi, and for all of you. I'm so excited for him and the whole team. Can't wait to hear all their stories!! Love you,