Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Being a Hair Stylist - Guest Post by Alli Stilp

Alli’s Hair Stylist Report
7 ½ years old – 2nd grade – Mabel Rush Elementary School
October 2011

Here's the front cover
Alli had to write a report on what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She had to answer a bunch of questions in the report.  To get the answers, she interviewed our friend Gabby who is a hair stylist.  Here’s what she wrote (as she typed it) and pictures of her carefully constructed report. 

“When I grow up I want to be a hair stylist.  Will I be providing a product or a service.  I provide haircuts, colors, up-dos, extensions, full waves, custom clip-ins.  The place I will be working at is Down 2 Details.  (Store).  What I will have to wear.  I get to choose but when my customers come I have to put on a apron so the hair doesn’t get on my clothes.  Subjects I will need to study in school are Cometologe, school.  

creating the masterpiece

pictures of Alli doing hair
I will also have the study hair nails and skin.  It will take me 13 months to learn all of it.  Someone I know who does this job are Gabby, and Danny.  For this job I will need to be good at cutting hair and painting nails.  I want to do this job because I like to feel smooth things like hair.  The responsibilities I will have in my job are be nice to my customers and not cut the hair diagonal.  I interviewed a friend named Gabby and she said that you can’t cut a person’s hair till you are old enough.  I think that you can’t cut a sisters or brothers hair till 18.  I get to pick how long I get to work.  Gabby says that she loves her job.  What she likes the best is she always gets to do different haircuts once in a while.  What Gabby does not like about it is she has to be talking to the customer and also thinking of how she has to cut the hair and still be focused.  I love thinking about being a hair stylist.  Why because I’m going to be a hair stylist when I grow up.”

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