Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mom's Trip to Haiti - Guest Post by Katie Stilp (9 years)

My sweet girl Katie is creatively intelligent.  She's always been expressive but in the past few months, her talents have really started coming out.  She's artistic and can draw beautiful things (I have no idea where she gets this).  She writes songs with no effort and has started writing tons of short stories and creative writing pieces.  She continues to amaze me with the way creativity just flows effortlessly from her.

She wrote this story for school and read it to us at conferences this week.  I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you.  Here's what she wrote, exactly as she wrote it.

My Mom's Trip to Haiti
by Katie Stilp
4th Grade - 9 years old

Getting love from the girls standing in line for food.
"One morning I went downstairs and my mom was gone!  Then I remembered she was on a mission trip to Haiti.  I got relaxed and moved on with my regular school routine.  And I didn't notice that 8 days without my  mom would go pretty well.

It seemed weird without my mom but I started to figure it out.  My family and I came and went to school off and on.  On Tuesday we went to a friends houses and on Wensday we didn't ride the bus we went to dance or the pick up line.  I had thought we were doing well and we were.  My dad asked me if I missed her and I said, "Do you know how when something is gone and you are doing fine without it but you want it to come back' and he said, "Yeah.  I have felt like that."

This Haitian beauty - Marie France - was 8 yrs old and she
gave me lots of love when I really needed it.
Finally the day came and I walked downstairs and suprise my mom was there!  I said, "I thought you wouldn't be up this early to see me."  I started watching cartoons and then everyone was crowding around my mom.  What is going on I thought?  Then I noticed my mom had presents for us.

The morning I came home
Presents?  I thought.  Wow.  we are really getting spoiled.  Then my mom said this is for you.  I looked up and there were three beautiful things in front of me.  The first one was a pretty box to put things in.  It had carveings in it and a cool lid.  The other things were some shells that would fit in my box and a clip that said HAITI on it.  I was so releved about the presents and that my mom was home.  I gave her a huge hug.  And I noticed that my mom makes such a big impact on my life and how much I need her."


  1. Jodi! This is so sweet! I'm glad you shared it with the rest of us. You had such an impact on the kids you saw in Haiti and have such an impact in your children in being faithful to what God's called you to (a week away from home in Haiti). What a blessing you are to so many!!!

  2. That is so sweet, Jodi! You are very blessed. (great writing, Katie! keep it up.)

  3. Good job, Katie! The presents seem to be just your style!! - Faith

  4. Jodi! Thanks for sharing your precious Katie! In 20 years, I can imagine her loving her babies as she has been shown so well. What a blessing you are to many.