Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Tree Report - Guest Post by Alli Stilp

Alli (7 years - 2nd grade) had a Family Tree monthly report to write and create this month.  I loved her written report and asked if I could share it with you.  She said, "Sure.  It's not like it's private information. Everyone in my class gets to hear it."  I typed up what she wrote, so spelling is corrected, but grammar is exactly as she said.

Family Tree Report
By Alli Stilp
Seven Years Old
2nd Grade – Mrs. Fox
November 22, 2011

My Mom (Jodi Stilp)
I love my Mom so much.  She is awesome.  She has done a very good job on raising me to be a good kid.  I will love her forever.  I will never stop loving her.  My Mom is so special to me.  She gives me food and water.  She puts me to bed and says, “Good Night!”  She lets me go to birthday parties.  She also loves God and reads her Bible and goes to church.  My Mom’s name is Jodi.  She is 37 years old.

My Dad (Curt Stilp)
I love my Dad.  He is so funny.  He sometimes makes me my dinner and sometimes doesn’t.  My Dad works.  He is a PA (Physician’s Assistant).  He works from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  My Dad loves the Lord and goes to church and reads his Bible every morning.  He is so loving and kind.  My Dad’s name is Curt.  He is 36 years old.

My Brother (Grant Stilp)
My brother’s name is Grant.  He is hilarious.  I love him.  He will eat anything.  He loves the Lord and goes to church and really reads his Bible.  He lets me come in his room.  He makes up songs and sings all the time.  My brother says I’m cool.  I love my brother.  He is 10 years old.

My Sister (Katie Stilp)
My sister’s name is Katie.  She is 9 years old.  She is awesome.  I love her.  I like that she plays church with me.  She loves Jesus and goes to church and reads her Bible.  She is funny and sweet and nice.  We play coffee together.

My Sister (Paige Stilp)
My sister’s name is Paige.  She is 5 years old.  She is cool and funny.  I love her.  She is in Kindergarten.  She plays baby dolls with me.  I think that it is fabulous.  She loves Jesus and doesn’t really understand reading her Bible.  She goes to church too.  I share a room with her.  I like sharing a room with her so I don’t get scared at night.

My Sister (Sarah Wilmot)
I love my big sister Sarah.  She is really not my sister, but we kind of adopted her.  She lives with us.  She lives in the guest room now.  She doesn’t have dinner with us mostly because she sometimes has it with her friends, but sometimes she has dinner with us.  I like it when Sarah takes me to the George Fox Library.  I also think that when Sarah brings her friends over from a long time ago, it is fun.  Sarah loves Jesus and goes to the same church my family does.  She used to be my sister Katie’s student teacher.  We met her at house church. 

My Grandparents (Terry and Ru Hadlock)
I love my Grandma Ru and Grandpa Terry.  I like that my Grandpa Terry takes me places.  I like that my Grandma Ru gives me candy bars almost every time I see her.   My Grandma’s real name is Rhonda, but nobody calls her that.  They just got a new house.  They live in Woodburn.  They love Jesus.  My Grandma Ru is my Mom’s mom.  My Grandpa Terry is my Mom’s step-dad.

My Grandparents (Mo and Carole Stilp)
I love my Grandpa Mo and Grandma Carole.  I think that my Grandpa Mo is silly.  I like when they come and visit and take my family to the pool.  I like that my Grandma Carole is so beautiful.  They live in Minnesota.  They love Jesus.  They are my Dad’s parents.

My Grandparents (Don and Marcy Klippenes)
I love my Grandma Marcy and Grandpa Don.  I like when my Grandpa Don kisses me.  I enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with them and seeing them in Sun River every summer.   They live in Bend.  I like when my Grandma Marcy laughs with me.  They love Jesus.  My Grandpa Don is my Mom’s Dad and my Grandma Marcy is my Mom’s step-mom.

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