Friday, October 7, 2011

Start a Puzzle

if the world would just stop spinning...
This (see picture) is how I've been feeling lately.  Like the world is spinning and spinning and I just can't seem to find which way is up.  A tight, packed schedule has completely overwhelmed me.  I keep thinking, "If I can just get FILL IN THE BLANK done, then I'll be able to relax." But FILL IN THE BLANK leads to another pressing item and the world continues to spin.

Curt had to speak at a conference at the beach today.  It was just one more thing to sandwich between football games and lots of company, but since the kids had the day off school we decided to rent a beach house and tag along.

I woke up yesterday abnormally crabby.  The kids, who had two extra days off school, were also grouchy and spent the day bickering.  I responded terribly.  To put it nicely, we were not functioning as a cohesive team.  I packed food for our family and my personal bag in under ten minutes and managed to forget my deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, comb and whip cream for my coffee. I'm actually surprised I remembered to pack all four kids.  Somehow we made it in the car and headed to the beach.

We pulled into the driveway of the small, quaint rental house and all the craziness of the day - of our lives - was forgotten.  It was just the six of us, getting cozy in tiny quarters with nothing to do but be together.  The kids played in the backyard while I cooked dinner.  We sat around the table and talked and giggled.  After dinner, we played a board game.  There was a true/false game at the beach house called (I kid you not) "Fact or Crap."  We played it for almost an hour and none of could stop giggling at the silliness of the title.  I mean really.  Who makes a game like that?  And what lunatics besides us play it?

The kids all slept in one bedroom and took forever to fall asleep.  They repeatedly made excuses to come back out to the main area to snoop on what we were doing and we repeatedly sent them back to their bedroom, false threats of impending doom trailing after them.  They giggled and talked.  Curt and I giggled and talked as we eaves-dropped on their conversation.

I got out a 500 piece puzzle and started putting it together.  Curt watched the football game.  The craziness melted away as we boiled life down to basics.  Family.  Games.  Puzzles.  Giggles.  Rest.  It was just what we needed.

I came home to 28 emails and the same overflowing list of things to do still sitting on my kitchen counter.  My kids are bickering again and the laundry needs to be switched.  But you know what?  I think I'll start a puzzle.

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  1. Your time away sounds wonderful, I'm jealous! :) Another great lesson learned, and another poignant, well-written post. Love you guys. - Faith