Friday, October 21, 2011

Grant and Peter's Rap about Noah

Yet another reason why the kids ministry at Solid Rock is about the best there ever was...

Peter, one of our children's youth pastors, happens to be a good friend of Grant's.  Peter wrote a rap about Noah to sing at church one week.  Grant loved it but thought it needed more depth so the two of them worked on the rap and came up with this finished product.  The girls are very happy to beat box and dance every time Grant performs it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Hello.  My name is Noah and I'm building an ark.
I'm doing it cause I'm scared of sharks.
The clouds are coming and it's gonna get dark,
It's gonna rain.  It's gonna be insane.
The earth is gonna flood and it's gonna be lame,
but me and my family, we're gonna float.
Cause I built myself a really big boat.

And on my boat I got a goat, a hippo, some froggies, a rhino, a tiger, and some really cute doggies.  Porcupine, a rat, triceritops too.  
It's like I got my very own zoo.
On the boat, the boat that I built.  
I feel some guilt because everybody else is gonna drown.  
They're gonna go down, down.

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  1. That's awesome, Jodi! I was hoping you'd post a video with the lyrics :)