Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Packed and On the Plane

Curt and I at the airport
I was pretty sure going into yesterday afternoon that I might be showing up at the airport with a pile of clothes in my hands begging for some sort of containing device.  My bedroom looked like my closet vomited all over the floor, but something about narrowing a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries down into one carry on bag paralyzed me.  As Curt would say, I had “paralysis by analysis.”  Each item packed needed to be intentional and serve a dual purpose.  Forgetting my passport (that I’m using for the first time) would be detrimental.  Oh the pressure…  

I spent the afternoon packing and managed to fit everything I need into a rolling carry-on and a second huge bag that holds the team camera and laptop.  I’m praying for grace from the flight attendants and maybe some bigger muscles by the time I get to Haiti.

Phil introducing our guy chaperones to our group
My Mom and Terry came over for dinner that Curt, Terry and Sarah all made together while I finished packing.  We ate as an extended family and then circled up around the kitchen counter, held hands, and prayed.  It was such a sweet, emotional and intimate time.  I cried silently as I listened to my precious kids come boldly to the throne of grace and petition God for safe travels, a “fun time holding orphan babies,” and protection over them as I leave.  Is there anything more beautiful than when a child talks to Jesus?

I put each of my precious lovelies to bed last night.  We prayed, talked, snuggled, hugged and cried.  I’ve never been gone longer than two days without seeing my babies.  Eight days feels like an eternity!  Alli, who doesn’t handle change well, was up twice in the middle of the night.  The second time she was an emotional wreck and plopped down on the stairs crying loud.  Curt told her they’d need to move since she was being so loud.  She interrupted her loud tears to tell him, “I’m trying to compose myself” before she started crying again.  Oh Alli…

This morning wake up was at 5 a.m.!  Curt and I ate breakfast together, I kissed all my sleeping kids one more time, squeezed Sarah who got up early to say goodbye, and we headed out the door.  We picked up Jenna, one of my teammates, along the way and got to the airport by 7 a.m.
Praying for the Lord to send us.

Our team is all wearing matching Forward Edge t-shirts.  Originally most of us grimaced inwardly over the dictated travel outfit, but it was really cool to be at the airport as a team, unified by our t-shirts that say “ordinary people – extraordinary purpose.”  We checked our huge red duffle bags and then our team, along with our family members made a huge circle.  We held hands - young and old, friends and family - and prayed.  We asked God to go before us.  We asked for protection over our families and over our team as we traveled.  We asked for moldable hearts and spirits ready to embrace the Haitian women anxiously awaiting our arrival.  It was beautiful.  After prayer, we said goodbye to our loved ones and headed off into the great unknown. 

Our first flight is about to land.  The closer we get to Haiti, the faster my heart beats.  I can not wait to see what God does in the next eight days.  Isaiah 6:8 says, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?  And who will go for me?’  And I said, ‘Hear I am.  Send me.’”   After months of planning, dreaming and praying, we are finally going.  Thank you Jesus!

Our team
P.S.  Made it to Ft. Lauderdale and are checked in at the hotel.  Big pizza party in the lobby in twenty minutes and we head to Haiti first thing in the morning.  Got to talk to my people at home.  Katie’s team made the championship game of intramural kickball and she’s so excited.  The kids made packets of notes/cards/scrapbooks for me to open each day I’m gone.  It brought me to tears!  Thanks for your prayers for my sweet family!

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  1. Enjoy it all, Jodi! So you're using your passport for the first time - what a cool thing that Haiti is your first trip with it. Will be praying for an amazing time for you as you press into the Lord and learn everything He has for you guys there, and also protection and a smooth time for your family. So excited for you!! Love you, have a blast! - Faith