Monday, September 19, 2011

Q&A with Grant - Thoughts on "Liking" Someone

My 5th grade son and I were chatting it up recently and the conversation turned to “liking” girls.  His candid comments were so funny and right-on that I ended up doing a Q&A.  He gave me permission to post this on my blog.
Isn't he cute?

Q:  Have you ever “liked” a girl?
A:  (embarrassed smirk, then confident answer):  Well, yeah.  (I could almost hear the “DUH!”)

Q:  What’s that like? 
A:  My heart starts to race a lot if I see her and I get really nervous.

Q:  Do you act different around her?
A:  Maybe.  Like if I saw a girl I liked in a store, I’d want to stare at her but I know you can’t do that.  So I’d pretend to shop where she’s at so I could still stare at her but pretend to be doing something else.  Maybe she’d notice I was staring and maybe not.

This is Grant's goofy face
Q:  Have you ever noticed a girl doing that to you?
A:  Yeah.  Just tonight.  These girls from school, one who likes me, saw us playing football so they brought their scooters over to the basketball court by the grass.  They pretended that their original plan was to scooter on the basketball court, but they were totally staring at us and sticking around the field.  It was really obvious.

Q:  Did you say hi?
A:  Yes and so did they, but that’s all.

Q:  Did it change the way you played football?
A:  Yeah!  I had dropped a bunch of passes before then cause I wasn’t really trying that hard since it was a pickup game.  But when the girls showed up I tried really hard to start catching passes and play good.
First day of 5th grade

Q:  How do you know if a girl likes you?
A:  Easy.  They start acting weird.  They stop talking to you, make strange faces when they see you in the hall, and run away giggling with their friends.  Or they send a Messenger Friend over (someone who doesn’t like you) to tell you that the person likes you.

Q:  Do you like this method?
A:  No.  I wish they’d just act normal like they did before.

Q:  Do you have any advice for my readers?
A:   You have to act normal even though you want to get attention.
So there you have it folks.  Whether you’re ten, twenty or thirty the method people like is the same:  be yourself, put your best foot forward, and don’t act crazy.

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