Friday, September 16, 2011

It Takes A Village

This year my “back to school” transition has been emotional in a way I didn’t expect.  I’ve been observing my kids’ re-entry into school and my heart hurts that I can’t just reach out and fix the areas they struggle with.  In the process of learning life skills, they’re encountering the bumps and bruises that accompany growing up.  Intellectually I know this is normal but it doesn’t stop the mommy in me from wanting to rescue instead of let them learn on their own. 

It’s easy to feel isolated - like I’m the only mom working through this emotional process and that my kids are the only ones experiencing growing pains.  But this morning at the bus stop I was reminded that parenting is a universal thread that ties all parents together. 

A sweet kindergartner was eagerly waiting for the bus but when it arrived he got stage fright.  He started silently crying and wrapped himself and all four limbs around his mom’s body.  His brave mommy, who had only just stopped grieving the fact he was in kindergarten, prodded, pleaded and lovingly untangled him from her body.  She let go of his tiny fingers last, courageously forcing him to release his grasp as she backed off the bus.  As the doors closed and the bus drove off with her sad little boy, I realized tears were pouring down my face.  We moms circled up, hugged some life back into that Momma, and cried together.

Our kids’ growing pains might have different faces, but each kid has them.  Like it or not, our jobs as moms is to be like the Mommy at the bus - prying their precious little fingers out of ours and gently shoving them forward into the big, bad world.  I’m so glad we don’t have to do it alone!  It truly takes a village…

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