Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girls Night

The girls and I had a Girls Night on Saturday.  We went out to eat at the luxurious Subway (their choice) and then hit the mall for a night of fun.  I couldn't believe that every clothing store had jeans, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters on full display.  Where has the summer gone?  I still haven't written my "the kids finished school" blog post yet and we're already gearing up for next year!  I have no photo evidence of our time because the boys had my camera on their Man Training backpacking trip.  (I asked Grant to write up his Trip Review and told him I'd feature him as a guest writer on my blog, so stay tuned.)  You know I can't resist the opportunity to post photos though, so here are some progression photos of the girls and I as we've all grown up!
Christmas 2007
Drift Creek Falls hike - January 2010

Timothy Lake - July 2010

Mother's Day 2011

Curt and I give our kids an oh-so-generous allowance of $3 per week and pay out the kids every other week.  They are required to put $1 in savings, $1 as tithe and offering, and can spend the other $4.  We keep their allowance small because we want them to realize the value of money (and because we don't want to pay them more, but "teaching them the value of money" sounds much more parental and wise).  If you only make $4 in two weeks, spending $2 on a pack of gum becomes a decision worth weighing.  I shoved the girls' money envelopes in my purse and settled in to watch them shop.

We spent forever in Forever 21.  Who can resist necklaces for $1.50?  After an hour of analyzing, adding stuff in their bags, evaluating, trying on, looking at prices and putting stuff back, they each left with just a $1.50 necklace.  I was so proud of my savvy little shoppers!  Next up was H&M where we bought nothing in spite of thirty minutes of analyzing, oohing, aahing, and mental cataloging for "maybe next time."

The big hit of the evening however was Claire's.  Who can resist overpriced costume jewelry marketed and packaged for 5-10 year olds?  I staked out my claim in the middle of the store and waited while the girls went to town.  They all gravitated toward different styles.  Katie (9 years) almost bought a nail kit and a backpack, but put them both back at the end and happily left with nothing.  Paige (5 years) bought a fake engagement ring "just like Molly's" for $6.50 and then was insulted when I insisted she wear it on the finger it fit and not her wedding ring finger.  Alli (7 years) bought a necklace with an "A" on it and split adult-sized fake nails with Paige.  HILARIOUS to see two-inch nails on such tiny hands.  Both girls were instantly bugged by the length and weight of the nails and took them off in under an hour.   Alli's analysis?  "Well that was a big waste of money.  I'm never buying those again."

We closed the mall down, me and my girls.  The music abruptly stopped and the already bright lights became sunglasses-worthy.  We all started giggling.  How on earth were we still at the mall at 9 p.m.?!?! I put some very tired and content girls to bed after ten p.m. and then sat at my kitchen counter in silent wonder.  How did I get so blessed?  Three beautiful, healthy daughters who laugh freely and are loads of fun?  Thank you Jesus for such a lovely time and a little glimpse of all the awesome times ahead!


  1. Your girls are so blessed to have such a godly, beautiful, fun mom! And I love you guys are doing the allowance-might have to borrow that some day :) Hope the sun starts deciding to come out in the morning too and play :)

  2. I chuckled reading this. Oh the days of Emily, Claires and those big shopping decisions. You are doing a great job with your girls. Now for three boys...much different than your kind of I read and sign of those little giggles now grown up. Blessings sweet mama.