Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taking Time to Play

little cowboy and cowgirls
Yee haw!  We're such imposters.
I've written a bazillion blog posts in my head this summer.  One about Peter and Molly's wedding (that took place the end of May), several posts about Curt's two trips to Haiti (that happened in June of last year and April of this year), an end of the school year post, a Sun River Family reunion post, one about what God's teaching me about love, and so many more.  But guess what?  We're too busy playing for me to write.

Triple Falls Hike with friend Carissa and her 3 boys
There are days that I miss the structured schedule of school days, but overall I have thoroughly and completely embraced lazy summer life.  Our family has hiked, napped, read books, shopped, played games, gone to parks, played in the water, gotten together with friends, watched movies, gone to the rodeo, picked berries, made cookies and lazed around.

family hike to Falls Creek Falls

Today Grant made lunch for all three of his sisters (using the stove) while the girls played Play Dough.  I watched them interacting and just basked in how awesome they all are.  I forgot how much I love having them home and how much fun it is to throw To Do lists aside and just have fun.  My house is dirty, blogs aren't getting written, and my To Do list is growing, but it has been wonderful!

4th of July Paintball Pops after a hike
Some day I'll write about all the things tumbling around in my head (or maybe I won't) but for now I've got a grocery list to make, food to buy, and packing to be done cause we're going camping.  Happy playing!

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  1. Love this post, Jodi! How great that you guys are having such cool adventures this summer. The kids will never forget them! Enjoy!