Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Musings from Alli Stilp - 1st Grade

Alli and I on the bus to the zoo

Alli brought home an entire tree's worth of papers that got collected over the school year.  I saved every single writing sample in the pile and thought I'd share some of them because the way a 1st grader thinks and spells just makes me laugh.  Hope you enjoy.  I did not correct spelling or grammar and can't believe how much her spelling and grammar improved even from the first of the year until the end.  Their brains are like sponges!

This was her last writing sample/test for the year.  I can't get over how well she spells now.  "My favorite birthday was my 6th birthday party because I got gum from my friend Faith.  It was so good and Faith is such a good friend.  We had chocolate peanut butter cake and that was so good.  My mom and my dad were there.  My stistes were there and my brother.  It was a good birthday party and my mom made the cake.  I just wanted to say that.  And the party was inside.  I loved that birthday party."

From May 2011 "I would't want to be a farmer because the animals are stinky.  The rooster hurts my ears.  It cost tons of $.  I do not get to ware clean clothe.  The crowes yell.  The mice make a huge mess in the farm."

From May 2011 "I leared about sheep cows and goats  Cows and sheep make fine lether and cows make ice cream out of there butter and chees.  Goats eat alfalph hay.  Sheep eat the grass all the way to the groud.  Goats and cows have hooves that are split in tow."

From May 2011 "I have leared so much about goats and sheep.  I have leared that goats and sheep both chew their cud.  Sheep get raised for show and milk.  Goats get raised for milk butter cheese and show.  We get rugs and blackests from sheep."

From May 2011 "We have a new student in are class.  His name is Tweeter.  He is adorable.  His was born on the 28th!!! of May.  He is almost 3 days.  By Alli Stilp"

1-4-2011 "My Christmas was rilly good becuse I got a Wii a red own.  My fravite Wii game is Wii party.  Because it is fun.  And cool.  And you are on it.  And the games that are on it is bingo.  And memre.  And all srs of games.  It fun becuse we can take trs.  I rilly like it.  

1-24-2011 "Dear friends, I loved your playes and acting.  It is cute.  Do you mide if you can tell me your names.  Your friend, Alli."

Alli and I at the zoo - fish face!
This one was an illustrated book with typed text.  I'm guessing it was written some time in early March.  "Me and My Aunt (title)  by Alli Stilp  When I was sitting on the black couch I asked a question about a dog who was named Coby.  But he died.  The question was, "What did he look like when he died?"  My aunt started to cry because it was her dog.  We all were sitting on the couch in the living room.  He was too sick that they had to put him down.  They are going to get a new dog.  Her name will be Stella or Lucy and it's a little black puppy."

Another illustrated book called Vacation by Alli Stilp "When I was sitting on the gray couch my mom said, "We're going on vacation."  I was excited for it!  We took our van.  It took 14 hours to get to Montana.  I was exhausted and sleepy.  But there was traffic, so we stopped.  We ate ham and cheese ad peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  We saw our cousins.  We played with them at the park.  We held Maggie and Kayla's lizard!  But we had a lot of fun!"

Way to go Schnookie!  You have learned so much in 1st grade and I'm so proud of you!

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