Wednesday, June 22, 2011

John Chapter 10 in T-chart Form

A bunch of my friends are walking through some tough stuff in their personal lives and it breaks my heart.  When you're in the middle of dark valley it can be hard to know Jesus is there or to feel that God is close.

Today I read John chapter 10.  If you don't have a Bible, go to to view the chapter.  Jesus refers to himself as the Shepherd and to us as his sheep.  I decided to T-chart out what the Shepherd does and what the Sheep do to keep my mind focused.  It was a great exercise because listing out each thing made me realize again the deep love my Savior has for me.  I pretty much fell in love all over again today.  Here's my list and happy studying!

Things The Shepherd Does
Things the Sheep Do
Uses the gate to the sheep pen – has access to the sheep – Jesus said, “I am the gate”
Listen to the Shepherd’s voice
Calls his sheep BY NAME
Follow Him
Leads them out
Know His voice
Goes ahead of them
Don’t follow strangers
Run from impersonators
Lays down His life for the sheep
Come in and go out and “find pasture”
Knows his sheep
Live an abundant life
Knows the Father
Know the Shepherd
Brings in the lost sheep

Unites flocks and creates one flock with one Shepherd

Gives life (eternal)

Protects – no one snatches them

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  1. I love this, Jodi! Just this morning I spent some time meditating on Psalm 23, and praising God for how faithfully he shepherds us - on the mountain tops and in the valleys. We are definitely walking through both right now, and how reassuring to remember that we simply need to listen, know him and follow after him and he will keep us under his protection. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - and the nerd in me just loves a good chart! :)