Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grant County - by Grant Stilp

Our son Grant (10 years) won a class-voted award this year for "Most Improved Writer."  He showed me his last writing sample and I laughed out loud at multiple points.  Twice we asked him, "Did you really write this?"  It was descriptive and funny.  Maybe he could have a career writing marketing?  Here's what he wrote, all typed up with a hand drawn map listing each feature of the county.  I did not correct punctuation or spelling.

"Are you sick and tired of living in the rainy valley?  Then come on down to Grant County where it NEVER rains.

Did you know that from 1862 - 1900 aproximently $16 million in gold were mined from Canyon City, the county seat.  We also are known for Ponderosa Pine logging.  Sheep farming and sheering in our county provided wool to some of the biggest industries in the world.

Grant County was named after general and president Ulysess S. Grant for his bravery in the civil war.  In 1864 my county was created and established.  from old Wasco and Umittila counties.  My county shares borders with more counties than any other in Oregon (8).  Our highest point is strawberry mountain at 9,038 feet!

In Grant County we have TONS of recreation and tourist attractions.  At the John Day Fossil beds there is an amazing lodge were you yourself can become a cowboy.  wake up in the morning to a breakfast of slam-johns and sow-bellys (pancakes and bacon).  Then spend the rest of the day in the field tending the cattle.  As you come back from a delightful day in the field you feast on baked beans and steak.  At the fossil beds we don't only have a lodge we've got , you geussed it fossils!  Many tourists each day stare in awe at the fossils of long ago.  We also have another famous tourist attraction, the world championship snowmobile biatholon.  TOns of people from all over watch as the snowmobiles zip down the track.

I hope you will come to magnificent Grant County."

Don't you want to go visit?

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