Monday, May 16, 2011

Mice Don't Be Nice, by Katie Stilp (8 1/2 years)

My kids like to write.  I wish I knew where they get that...  Katie wrote the following story as part of a 3rd grade class assignment.  They all submitted their stories to The Club Hearld, a kid newspaper that covers all the schools in Newberg.

This afternoon she burst through the door shouting, "Mom, Mom!  Guess what?  They picked my story for The Club Herald.  I have it right here."  She handed me the newspaper clipping with a big smile and said, "Some of it's true, but some of it isn't."  For the record, we did trap a few mice in our house.  And I did scream and jump on the counter.  But the mice did not over-run our house.  Thank God for that!

Without further ado, here's is Katie's awesome story (words, punctuation and grammar not corrected).

Mice Don't Be Nice
by Katie Stilp (8 1/2 years)
3rd Grade, Mabel Rush Elementary

One bright day we found a small hole in our chip bag.  We were wondering what made that hole.  My dad said, "Maybe a mouse made the hole."  I was scared a mouse was in the bag.  My mom sad "we'll all go to Fred Meyers' and buy mousetraps and we'll just see what happens".

One night when the little girls were sleeping my dad was in the pantry to set a mouse trap and he saw a mouse.  My mom jumped on the counter and started screaming.  Grant my brother said "let's corner the  mouse with boxes!"  My dad said to my dog "scare the mouse away" but she just ran into her cage.  The mouse scurried into the fireplace and my mom tried to turn the fireplace on and burn the mouse.  But the mouse got out.  Then we all went to sleep and a couple of minutes later we heard a trap go off.  I felt disgusted because of all the guts spilling and blood dripping.  Then my dad took the trap with the dead mouse in it and threw it in the trash.

The next weekend my dad and I went into the cellar and put the mouse poison all over.  I felt scared that mice were taking over our house.  Then we head traps going off all over the house.  Next thing we knew there were no more mice in our house so now you know MICE DON"T BE NICE!  And I will never forget those mice because they made our lives crazy!

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  1. Oh, this makes me s-m-i-l-e! Yes, that sweet girl has got her mama's genes! Yes she did. Stupendous job, Katie! Besides the awesome title, I loved how your mom tried to burn up the mouse in the fireplace. ;) You used great descriptive words, too. I felt like I was in your house with you and the mice. Yikes. (Remind me to tell you about our rat story sometime. Yuck!) Keep on writing, Miss K! Awesome job!