Monday, April 25, 2011

Nerf War

Grant turned ten this week.  GASP!  Double digits.  I still can't believe it.  He didn't want me to take ten-year-old pictures this year and he wouldn't let me make party invitations either.  His logic?  "You emailed all the moms and I told my friends, so why would you make an invitation?  That's dumb."  He did, however, want to have a birthday party and insisted that it be a Nerf War.  He invited four of his 10-year-old friends to come over, armed and dangerous.  He declared war against Peter and Todd, two of his favorite college friends.

As General of his army, Grant met with the enemy ahead of time to lay out the Rules of Engagement.  Both sides agreed to meet at a designated time (Saturday evening) at a pre-arranged place (my house - oh help me!) to engage in battle.  Each soldier was allowed ten hits before succumbing in death to their wounds.  The battle was over when one army killed all the other army's soldiers.

The doorbell started ringing at 5 p.m.  Boys (the ten-year-old kind) armed with Nerf guns and ammo chattered incessantly.  Grant, who loves to be charge, relished his role as General and bossed all his friends around.  They spent an hour in his room drawing up battle plans, sneak attacks, and building barricades all over my house.  They used couch cushions, pillows, blankets and all of Grant's bedding.  The coffee table in the toy room was repurposed as a bunker.  Piles of ammo were distributed evenly and Grant passed out "whistles" (aka annoying party blowers) to all his soldiers.  He assigned Raleigh to stand guard at his window, watching for the enemy's arrival.  When Raleigh spotted the enemy's car he blew his whistle which launched a chain reaction of shrill whistle blowing.  (Aren't you sad you weren't invited?).  Peter snuck in the front door and was ambushed by Grant's waiting army.  Todd snuck around the back, came through the kitchen door guns blazing, and all-out war was on.

For the next two hours it was a battle zone.  Bullets, darts, children, big children, guns, whistles, and even hostage taking ruled.  The girls got into it too.  Katie was hanging over the loft with an automatic gun firing rapidly at Peter and dodging return fire from Todd.  Alli kept vacillating between sides making herself a traitor to both teams.  Even Paigey thought it was fun and started carrying a little gun toward the end.  It was total and complete chaos and I've never seen kids have so much fun.  Curt, Molly (Peter's fiance') and I sat at the counter and giggled.

We did manage to find time to open present and eat pizza and birthday cake, but I had to wait for a break in the battle to rally the troops.

When we finally called a truce, the only people in the house who weren't red-faced and dripping with sweat were Molly, Curt and I.  Our tired soldiers worked together to transform their battleground back into my house.  They did such a good job that I just MAYBE could be convinced to let the battle again, just not for a long time.

Happy birthday Grant!  You are such a gift.  Thanks for being such a fun, creative and awesome little dude.

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