Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haiti Bound Again

In the morning, Curt will lead a team of 18 people from Solid Rock to Haiti.  They'll arrive in Haiti on Saturday mid-morning and spend a week serving the Haitian people that have been devastated by the earthquake.  Solid Rock has partnered with Forward Edge, a ministry that "exists to share Christ's love with those affected by poverty, disaster and sickness in the U.S. and around the world."  Forward Edge has a staff member living in Haiti spear-heading the efforts to rebuild, feed the poor, and serve the orphans.  The church in Haiti that Forward Edge and Solid Rock are partnering with is Grace International.

I read the paper every morning.  I have to dig hard to find a headline that isn't depressing or discouraging.  It's easy to think the world is crumbling to pieces around our feet. In some ways, it is, but God is not dead.  He's alive and active, transforming lives by the Holy Spirit, working miracles and blanketing people with peace that surpasses all understanding.  This couldn't be more true than in Grace Village, the tent village that Grace International organized after the earthquake.  People are surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ and finding hope in the face of desperate situations.  It's really exciting and Curt and his team get to go to where the action is!

Curt's team will post updates and hopefully some pictures on Solid Rock's Hear the Cry blog.  Feel free to subscribe to their updates.  Would you also pray for Curt and his team?  Pray for safety as they travel, protection from disease and illness, that God would use them to bless the Haitian people, and that each team member would experience God in a new and exciting way in their own lives.  Curt's personal prayer request is that he would be a Mary, not a Martha (read Luke 10:38-42 if you want the full story).

The kids and I are excited Curt has this opportunity, but will obviously miss him and the fun that he brings to our home.  We are already looking forward to picking him up on the 15th!

I have felt really challenged in training our children lately, so prayers for an extra measure of patience, kindness, and gentleness for me would be so appreciated.  I keep quoting James 1:19-20, "slow to speak, slow to get angry, quick to listen..." over and over and am threatening to get it tattooed on my wrists.  I'm so grateful for God's grace in my life to wash over my weakness and give me a fresh start.  His mercies are new every morning!

I have a photo disc with 1,800 pictures from Curt's trip to Haiti last June sitting by my computer.  If I get a chance to weed through them, I'll make a quick slide show and post a link so you can see where the team is going, some of the work they'll be doing, and the beautiful faces of the Haitian people.

I wanted to post a picture of Curt with the two orphan boys who stole his heart in June, but the photos aren't labeled and it's late.  On a whim, I opened up the photo folder and would you believe that my mouse went straight to the exact photo I wanted out of 1,800 on the first try?  Thank you Jesus for the little things!  Thanks for praying with us.  Have a great day.

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  1. That is a beautiful thing Curt it doing. I spent 6 weeks teaching English in the Dominican Republic and our house-keeper down there was from Haiti. Unfortunately I didn't make it there to see the vast difference in countryside and lifestyle but I heard a lot about it. I pray that Curt and the other disciples bring a bit of peace and love to Haiti. Bless you.