Friday, March 11, 2011

Time To Take It Up a Notch

Curt took four months off from triathlon training. And when I say "took off," I mean not a shred of exercise. I was starting to think he may never come back, but at the end of January he broke out his running shoes and forced himself back into the rigors of consistent exercise.

I haven't thought about my bike or swimming pretty much since September. When Curt got out his running shoes, I momentarily thought about swimming. I even went back to the pool and swam. Twice. In six weeks.

Earlier this week, we charted out our race schedule for the summer and gulped when we realized we're both slotted to compete in an Olympic-distance triathlon at the end of June. As of today, it's the middle of March. And our bikes are still hanging from the ceiling of the garage. And I don't know where my swim goggles are. Curt channeled his best George Castanza voice and shouted, "It's time to take it up a notch."

The next day he went swimming. He wondered if he'd see his nameless friend that he swam with every day all last year. How do you swim together every day, chat it up naked in the locker room, and never exchange names? Awkward. Anyway, he came home smiling. Sure enough, his buddy was at the pool and quipped, "Haven't seen you in a while," to which Curt replied, "Yeah. I took four months off. Pretty sure that's not in any of the triathlon training books."

My brother, who tends to lean a bit on the side of dry humor, laughed when Curt told him about his foray back into swimming and then said, "Yeah. Your swim buddy was probably thinking, 'He looks just like the guy I used to swim with four months ago, only fatter'."

I spent an hour on Sunday charting out swim time for every week from now until June. I even got three weeks into finding childcare for each visit to the pool. And be proud. I stuck to the schedule and swam twice this week. Today when I walked out on the pool deck to find the slow lane as soon as possible, the life guard's eyes lit up and he said with a welcoming tone and just a tiny little smirk, "Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while." I couldn't help but think, "You look like the same girl who swam here four months ago, only fatter."

Time to take it up a notch!

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