Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend in Snohomish

This weekend we traveled to Snohomish, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, to hang out with our old and dear friends, Brian, Nancy, Grace and Griffin Godines. We met Brian and Nancy in Chicago when our daughters were six weeks old which means our friendship is almost nine years old and is layers rich with memories and good times.

Nancy is the Hostess with the Mostess. Her house is always spotless, her pantry stocked, and activities planned. Brian makes the best home-made scones I've ever tasted and each time we visit, he gets up early to have them piping hot from the oven by the time we roll out of bed. Our kids play really well together and look forward to our visits just as much as the adults do. The Godines' are the kind of friends that you can lounge around with in your jammies, unshowered with morning breath, and still feel comfortable. We often joke that if communal living was an option, the Godines' would be on our list to join up with.

We had such a fabulous time together. We, adults included, played Dance Party on the Wii and let me tell you, Brian has some mean dance moves. The kids played entirely too much Wii, watched movies, played games, stayed up late, and the girls changed their hairstyle every ten minutes. The adults stayed up way too late each night playing games and finally found a game that we all like - Settlers of Cataan. We took the kids swimming at the pool and to an old-fashioned roller rink to roller skate. We went to church, watched football (Go Bears!), took a nap on the couch, ate way too much and talked and talked and talked. Nancy planned and executed a full-scale Minute to Win It game show with Paige helping her on the timer and remaining kids as contestants. It was hilariously fun, especially Nancy's demonstration of how to stick the cotton ball to your nose and transport to the plate across the room. We put another trip on the books before we left making it easier to say goodbye.

On the way home we stopped at a rest area half-way between Snohomish and Newberg. As we were piling out of the van we heard a friendly voice say, "Well if isn't the Stilp's." What the heck? We're in the Middle of Nowhere, Washington, and someone recognizes us? We turn around and coming toward us with a big smile is Chad Clevenger, a friend I haven't seen since high school! He's one of my Facebook friends and he recognized Curt and the kids from my pictures before he even saw me. We got to meet his wife and adorable kids and catch up on almost 20 years in less than ten minutes. Of all the randomness...

Thanks Brian, Nancy, Grace and Griffin for a great weekend. And thanks Chad for saying hi. It was great all around!

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