Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alli and Babies

Alli has ALWAYS loved babies. When Paige was born, Alli was 22months old. We have a melt-your-heart photo of Alli holding Paige for the first time at the hospital. She was in awe and verypossessive of "my baby." When we brought Paige home, Alli snuck into Paige's room, climbed into the crib, and snuggled in next to her. She was so proud of herself and she was irresistibly adorable until we realized that her next thought would be to try to get the baby out of the crib by herself and we promptly installed a child-proof lock on Paige's door. Poor Paige was constantly being smothered by Alli's "love" and I resorted to leaving the playpen set up on the main level so I could use it as a protective devise! We often went to story time at the library and had to modify the "don't pet people's dogs unless you ask first" rule to apply to babies as well. Each time we'd visit the library I'd go over the rule with Alli and she'd say, "Me no touch people's babies if me no ask baby's mommy?"

Alli is now almost seven and she still loves babies. She knows all my friends that are pregnant, when their babies are due, what they're having and what the baby's names will be. When the babies are born, she bosses me to "hurry up and make them a meal so I can hold the baby" and she always helps me choose the perfect newborn baby gift to bring with our meal. The crazy thing is that she really knows how to handle a newborn and acts like a professional already. No doubt about it, she is a future babysitter in the making.

She was DYING to hold George Buchstaber and counted the three long days until we could stop by with our meal. Britta got the cutest pictures of Alli meeting George and I had to arm-wrestle her to get my chance to hold him. When she finally gave him up "for only five minutes Mom" she hollered at me to "watch his neck" and then hovered in my personal space bubble while she watched the clock until it was her turn again. Oh Alli. You melt me.

Speaking of melting over adorable kids... Griffin Buchstaber stole my heart when I met him at 4 months old. He reminds me so much of how Alli has always been - spunky, feisty, mischievous, adorable, fearless, and loads of fun. I love this picture that Paige took of Griffin and I.

And with that, I will stop blogging for tonight and go get my beauty rest.

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