Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Have Set My Heart Free

I've read Psalm 119 many times before but since it's the longest chapter in the Bible, I've never really absorbed it. I get bogged down with the fact that it takes up five pages in my Bible and find myself skimming within the first handful of verses. It came up in my assigned Bible reading last week and I skipped over it for three days in a row because I didn't want to tackle it. When I finally took the time to read it, I was so blessed. I found myself surprised by the underlying theme of action. The author uses verbs like obey, meditate follow, seek, and memorize to describe his pursuit of God. I really loved my study of this chapter and would encourage you to take 30 minutes and absorb it for yourself.

I about fell off my chair when I read verse 32. It says, "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." I swear - the author had to be a runner because that's exactly how I feel when I run. Flying down the road or the trail, wind in my hair, momentarily free from the weight of day to day life. Following Jesus is so much like this too. When I am obeying, seeking, meditating, memorizing and following Jesus life feels so free and unencumbered, even in the face of suffering or trials. But when I try to do my own thing, fix things the way I think they need to be fixed and walk in my own sin, I feel so weighted down and heavy. I can barely walk through life, let alone run.

I got this vision of a little girl half-running half dancing down a sunlit, wooded trail, hair flying, arms flailing, huge smile on her face. So of course I had to bring to life the vision in my head. Paige was my willing model. I plan to print this photo, write the verse on a matte, and put it somewhere I can see it every day.

May your heart be set free to run today as you follow God's commands!

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