Sunday, October 24, 2010

Valentines Day - What a Piece of Garbage

My husband is traveling and so I decided to rent a chick flick to watch after the kids went to bed. I settled on Valentines Day because of its cast of big-name celebs and because it looked cute. Can I just say it was a HUGE wake-up call as a mom? I know this post will be controversial and I don't apologize for it one bit.

The producers of the movie are no idiots. They smartly edited it to receive a PG-13 rating to reach the broadest and most influential audience. The movie featured at least ten different couples living their lives in LA on Valentines Day. Of the featured relationships, ONE (count it - ONE) was a happily married couple and the focus was so much on this couple that they got maybe 20 seconds of screen time. The other unmarried couples all woke up beautiful with full faces of makeup and hot lingerie in bed with their "significant" others ready for another quick round before they left for work.

Parents, if you want your kids to think casual sex between people who've known each other all of two weeks is common, okay and everyone's doing it, do nothing. If you want your kids to believe that prostituting yourself to pay your college loans is okay, let them watch this movie. If you want your kids to believe that everyone has sex before marriage, do nothing. If you want your kids to believe the pinnacle of a successful high school relationship is to have sex in a bedroom and not in the backseat of car in the dark, let them watch this movie. If you want your kids to think that a fulfilling sex life is easy, everyone's good at it and it doesn't take any work, let them watch this movie. If you want your kids to believe that they can (wait for it...) choose their sexual partners whether they are same-sex or not and that it's okay, say nothing. If you want your kids to believe that cheating on your spouse is acceptable and doesn't hurt anybody, do nothing. If you want your kids to think that when a spouse cheats, the other spouse feels sad for all of two hours and then joyfully waltzes back to their spouses arms, say nothing. Cause guess what - that's the message they're being sent. In this movie. On magazine covers. In school. In the music they listen to. Through the garbage they watch on TV.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge lover a sex. I think it's amazingly, earth-shatteringly good. God thinks it's good too. After all, He created it and He said everything He created is good. He designed a man's body and a woman's body to fit together in the most intricately beautiful design. But He designed sex to be one MAN, one WOMAN in the protective and nurturing umbrella of marriage for life. In that context, sex is off-the-charts amazing. Outside of that context, it leaves deep wounds and scars. And if you don't believe me, I'd be happy to round up the hundreds of people that I personally know, myself included, who bear the scars from a society that promotes sexual promiscuity.

We live in a country that is supposedly founded on "In God We Trust' but I don't see a lot of that. Parents - be on guard. Protect your kids. Teach them the truth about sex. It's hot. It's wonderful. When you wait. UGH! Let the feedback roll in.

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