Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This and That

Kids are hilarious and make me laugh every day. Here are some recent funnies.

Katie (who is 8) got to spend the afternoon with a newer friend. They had a blast, ate a bunch of candy and spend the entire afternoon and evening together. On the way home from church, she said, "This was the best day of my life. I got to play with Jillian, I got to eat tons of candy, and I got to go to church. Can we do that every Sunday?"

Paige (who is 4 1/2 years old) was demonstrating her mastery of the sounds letters make. Only she can't say "rrrrr." It comes out "wha, wha, wha." So she said, "wha, wha, wha, wha. R. Like Wyder (Ryder) in my class and like Grandma Wu (Ru)." She also enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of fun with Jillian's younger sister Miriam and while playing, Miriam gave her a toy Master Card. Paige showed up to check into her Sunday school class carrying an address book in lieu of a Bible and a toy Master Card. When she showed her Sunday School teacher her treasures, the quick witted teacher quipped, "Oh, is that for your tithe?"

Paige's inability to pronounce certain sounds reminded me of one of my favorite kid stories of all time. Our friends, who I've been missing like crazy lately, have four kids and the oldest two are 17 months apart. When they were 2 and 3, neither of them could say the word "yellow." The younger one mispronounced it so the older one decided to correct her and said, "Rachel, it's not lellow. It's wellow."

Grant (9 1/2 years) is eating up studying Native Americans and early settlers in Oregon history. He has lived and breathed learning about Indians since school started. He spent his entire Saturday making a Chinook log house that he engineered planned and executed entirely on his own. I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said, "An Indian only I don't have the proper apparel."

Paige's friend, Oliver, goes by the nickname Seppie. Now that he's in pre-school, he's super offended that his teacher insists on calling him Oliver instead of Seppie. He told his mom about some prayer time he had with God and said, "Mom, God said to me, 'Seppie, you tell your not-so-nice friend that he's being mean.'" I can't stop giggling about the fact that God calls him "Seppie."

Alli is notorious for saying funny stuff, but hasn't said anything hilarious lately.

I talked to my sister-in-law and got some updates on my nieces who are 13, 12, and almost 10. Apparently they found out at the last minute that the local children's theatre was holding auditions for a production of Annie. All the girls wanted to audition and none of them had time to prep. They all sat in an auditorium and each kid had to sing a song of their choosing in front of the entire crowd. My 12-year-old niece sang "Amazing Grace" and sang one lyric, "that saved a wrench like me." My 13-year-old niece sang "The Star Spangled Banner," one of the hardest songs on earth to sing, and pitched it so high to start that she had to abandon the song midship when it got too high. And my 10-year-old niece sang Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" and nailed it. I wish I could have been there to hear it and embarrass them by cheering really loudly.

And finally, on a non-kid note, I am not going to run the Boston marathon. I had already decided that it wouldn't work out because Curt is leading a team to Haiti that returns three days before the Boston marathon and I am hoping to join him on that trip. Yesterday registration for Boston opened and it filled up in a record eight hours. In 115 years of hosting this race, it has never filled up so quickly. Rumor has it that they may cut the times women need to qualify for next year's field to reduce the number of people who qualify. I'm grateful God closed that door and am still reveling in His goodness to me to run Portland and enjoy it so much.

Be blessed today!

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