Monday, September 27, 2010

Update on Those Farris' from Paige

Apparently the Farris' (Pharisees) with tiny hearts made a big impression on Paige (4 1/2 years). She thoughtfully updated me on their status this morning.

P: Does Jesus love bad people?
Me: Yes. He loves everyone, but he doesn't love when we do bad things.
P: Well, I love the Farris' in our neighborhood because they have big hearts. But I don't love the Farris' in the Bible (they have the same last name but they're different Mom) because the Farris' in the Bible have tiny hearts.
Me: You're right. And I think it's Pharisees (stressing the C sound), not Farris', but they sound the same.
P: (very confidently) Like "C" in cinnamon.

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