Monday, September 13, 2010

Those Farris'

Paige (4 years) has started re-telling her Bible story after church. Last night she told Curt the story at bedtime and this morning, she told me in the car. It was the story about the Pharisees shunning the former prostitute and how disgusted they were when she wet Jesus' feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. Here's how Paige told the story.

"Well Jesus, he was in the story, has a BIG (stretch arms out super wide here) heart. And he has a nice smile too. And there were some people in the story called the Farris' who had tiny (scrunch up hands really small here) hearts. And they had lots of rules. And if you broke the rules, the Farris' called you a sinner. There was a girl who did sin. She broke the Farris' rules. And she did bad sin and didn't like that they had small hearts and were mean. But Jesus has a big heart and she was crying on his feet. And the Farris' didn't like it."

I finally asked timidly, "Are you sure it's not 'Pharisees'?"

To which she emphatically replied, "No Mom. It's Farris'. Like Mrs. Farris, baby Sammy's mom. They're in the Bible you know."

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