Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Schwimming and Berry Picking

Day Two summary of Camp Tilikum centered around swimming, or "schwimming" as Alli says. ( When she outgrows that pronunciation I just might cry.) Grant and Katie both chose to skip taking the swim test again to try for deep and instead chose to, as Grant said, "take advantage of the opportunity to swim while they had it." I nodded my head and agreed that was a good decision while I was inwardly giggling at his choice of ginormous words.

Alli monopolized the majority of the car ride home. As she matures, we've noticed a gentle tenderness to those who are hurting or suffering. As long as she didn't inflict the wound, she is all over ministering to those who are hurting. She said, "I tried again on the schwimming test to get a middle cause when I tried the fust time I only got a shallow. But I didn't pass again and I wasn't that disappointed. But my friend Bella tried to pass the schwimming test to the middle and she didn't pass and she was VERY (super emphatic here) disappointed. She was so mad she wouldn't even go schwimming in the shallow end. She just sat on the shore. So I sat with her and asked her if she was a Christian."

At this point I interrupted because I could not make the correlation from bringing comfort to grilling someone about their spiritual status. I asked Alli, "What does that mean to you, being a Christian and why did you ask Bella?"

She continued, "Well, I asked her if Jesus was in her howt - if she had told Him she was sorry for her skins, I mean sins, and asked Him to forgive her and be the leader of her life and live in her howt. Cause I wanted to suggest that we pray and ask Jesus to help her get a middle on the schwimming test tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure Jesus was in her howt first." Oh the beauty of child-like faith...

While the older kids were at camp, Paige and I made the best memories, well at least until I got my camera stolen. Berry farms are practically non-existent in the mid-west, but in Oregon there is an abundance. This was a fact that didn't go unnoticed by my mom when we first moved to Oregon the summer before my 5th grade year of school. Back in the day the farmers would hire anyone who wanted to work and pay them by the pound for the berries they picked. So can you guess what my brother and I did the first summer we lived here? Picked berries to earn money. Not that I don't appreciate the value of working hard that my parents instilled in me, but going berry picking is not my idea of a fun time after summers of doing it for a living.

Paige, on the other hand, as been badgering me to go berry picking. She brought it up several times last summer and then four times in 24 hours this week already, so I decided to do it. I scrapped my To Do list, including exercise, and off we went to find berry farms.

We went to a blueberry farm out past Champoeg called "Cora's Crop" named after their adorable 2-year-old daughter who was in the field. In less than 45 minutes, we picked 4 pounds and Paige picked over a pound by herself. She never even tried one berry until we'd paid for them and were in the car and then she ate almost a pint by herself. They are SOOOOO good!

Then we went to a different farm on the other side of Highway 219 to pick raspberries. The bushes were taller than me and Paige never complained about getting poked. She just picked, picked, picked. I kept asking her if she wanted to stop and she persistently said, "No. I'm picking raspberries." We picked for an hour, side by side, and mostly silently. It was a field on the honor system - weigh your own fruit, use their buckets and put your money in a plastic pencil box. We were the only people in the entire field. Paige would periodically break the silence and say, "This is so much fun Mommy. I love picking berries." We picked four pounds of raspberries and Paige picked an entire pound of it herself - of raspberries where you have to hunt to find the berries through the somewhat scratchy branches. I couldn't believe it. She said, "My back's all sweaty from being such a hard worker but isn't this fun Mommy?"

I told her she may have a future in farming and she smiled and said, "When I grow up I want to be a farm girl and grow berries to give to my animals. I know they'll like them cause I like berries. And I also want to be a cowgirl too." She chose her berry picking outfit and wore a brown t-shirt, very-short lime green shorts, and her hot pink cowboy boots. She looked so cute that I took three pictures - one of her smiling proudly at the berry field with the mountains in the background, one with the self-timer of Paige and I in the same spot, and one of her at the check-out table by the sign describing the honor system. I just LOVED every minute. It brought back great memories of my mom dragging us to the berry fields and brainwashing us with "Isn't this such fun family time?"

I'm sure you're wondering why those pictures aren't accompanying this post. Well thanks for asking. I set my camera down on the table to weigh our berries and put our cash in the plastic pencil box serving as the cash register and forgot to grab it before we headed home. When I went to upload those pictures two hours later, I realized my mistake and called the farmer but my camera was already gone. Our van got an unexpected cleaning while I turned it inside out looking, but it is nowhere to be found. In just a slight bit of exaggeration, I whined to Curt, "Me without a camera is like me without air to breathe." So I'm adding "buy a camera I don't have a budget for" to my list of things to do this week before our triathlon on Sunday and our family vacation next week. And that's all I have to say about that.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alli's witnessing is so sweet :)

    Sorry to hear about your camera...I lost mine 4 days before I left Haiti....majorly bummed...replaced the camera but no way I could replace the pictures. :(

    Any who...thanks again for sharing Alli's story! I will be praying that God will provide a camera for you quickly.

    God bless!

    Kelly DeBardelaben <>< :)