Thursday, July 22, 2010

Early Release for Time Already Served

Last Wednesday I fell hard when I was running. One second I was laboring up a steep hill. The next I was sprawled on the side of the highway asking myself, "What the heck just happened?" I realized about an hour later that my wrist was sore and it continued to get stiffer and more sore as the evening progressed.

The following morning Curt examined my wrist again then called me when he got to work and said, "I think you may have broken your wrist and I'll splint it tonight." He brought home casting materials and created a very sturdy, removable cast/splint thingy and I wore it for an entire week. Given the fact that I'm right-handed and it was my right wrist, I began to really appreciate all the things I do with my dominant hand. Even mundane tasks (like typing, brushing teeth and preparing a meal) become difficult when encumbered with a big, hot cast.

Yesterday I went into the clinic to get my wrist x-rayed. Being able to observe how doctors and PA's decipher x-rays was a highlight for me. Curt pulled the x-rays up on the computer screen, the ortho doc who specializes in hand surgery stood behind him, and I stood behind them watching. They hemmed and hawed, grunted and talked to themselves, analyzed and re-analyzed. It was evident the x-rays weren't incredibly conclusive.

Their conversation went a little like this: "Yep, I think I see a hairline fracture in the exact spot I'd expect. But wait - on this view it looks fine. Hmmmm.... (insert multiple clicks of the x-rays as they switch views and zoom in and out, in and out). Am I seeing a fracture there or am I just looking really hard to try to see one? I could convince myself of a fracture but I think I'm trying pretty hard."

I kept praying, "Don't see a fracture. Don't see a fracture. I don't need a brace. We're golden." Eventually they all decided after examining x-rays and poking and prodding on my wrist, that the official diagnosis is a bad sprain and not a hairline fracture. I was given early release from the splint for time already served and left the cast in the garbage at the office.

I am officially cleared to start re-training for my tri and am completely thrilled about it! I really can't believe my wrist isn't broken and can hardly wait to get in the pool and on my bike again. WHOO HOO!!!!! Did I just say I can't wait to get in the pool? What is happening to me?

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