Monday, July 26, 2010

Day One of Camp Tilikum

Grant, Katie and Alli started a week of day camp at Camp Tilikum this morning. Alli was thrilled to be old enough to go this year and Paige and I were a bit dumbfounded to have the whole day to spend together, just the two of us. We've gotten used to having these school-aged hooligans around during the summer.

I probably won't write a summary every day but the car ride home this evening was just a riot. They each took turns sharing about their first day of camp and I took mental cliff notes to write them down. Here's a summary of what they said.

Alli (covered in dirt from head to toe)– “It was awesome!!!!!!! I loved it. I did the schwimming test and got a medium and a star for trying hard. And I made this craft. And we did trail time and watched skits and I ate my WHOLE lunch and my snack. I faked cried by the whining tree that I wanted to come home cause the day was getting long. I made two friends. One girl, named Aiden, was being mean to me. She was pushing me and punching me and throwing dirt on me and called me ‘stupid.’ So I said to her, ‘Aiden, may you please not push me and shove me and throw dirt on me?’ and then she stopped. And then I said, ‘Aiden, may you please tell me you’re sorry for calling me a bad word?’ And she said sorry and I forgave her and now we’re friends.” Coming from my Alli who usually returns a push with a punch, I was SUPER impressed with her peacemaking skills.

Grant’s favorite was canoeing and getting into splash wars with other canoes. He got a medium in the swim test and chose to kayak at swimming time because he couldn’t find a swimming buddy. He thought all the other activities were great and was happy to have Caleb (his friend) in his group. He kept remembering things he liked about his day after his sharing time was over and had a hard time containing himself and not interrupting the girls which I thought was really cute.

Kaitlin was thrilled to have Berrit (a friend from school) in her group. She passed into the medium part for the swim test and was super excited about that because last year she didn’t pass that part of the swim test. She got to go on the big swing today and apparently they had to scream like a girl, scream like a boy and scream out their favorite ice cream when they were on the swing. She enjoyed the skits and trail time and ate every last bite of the food she brought. She waited very patiently without interrupting almost the entire car ride home to get her chance to tell about her day. What a sweetie pie.

And that about covers Day One.

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