Monday, June 21, 2010

Way To Go Kidlets!

My Mom always called my brother and I her "kidlets." I think it's an adorable term and when I'm not calling my brood "Stilpies," I call them "kidlets."

Last week Grant successfully completed 3rd grade. His hair, which started off super short, has grown and been cut, grown and been cut and is currently in an overgrown state which makes him incredibly happy and me slightly crazed. In this year, he has developed a habit of reading his Bible every day without fail and we see God moving in Grant's life and character development. He jumped on the science band wagon (no surprise there), learned to play guitar, and realized he has a love for skateboarding and is good at it. He gave up a long time crush on a girl only to have her return the favor now that his interest lies elsewhere. Who knew all this "liking" started at such a young age? Way to go G-Money! You are turning into quite the little man.

Kaitlin successfully completed 2nd grade. She is currently growing out her bangs. I'm certain we'll see her eyes again soon. In second grade, Kaitlin learned to take ownership and pride in her work, developed her many friendships with a passle of the nicest 2nd grade girls on the planet, lost a few teeth, and learned to dance. I think she grew several inches without gaining any weight and keeps stretching taller and taller. Kaitlin got her own room this year and she's been very responsible to maintain and take care of it all on her own. She's been quietly reading her Bible most mornings and I've watched my beautiful, tender, joyful (and okay very dramatic) daughter also become more assertive and confident. Way to go Miss Kaitlin! You are such a joy.

Alyssa, in her typical take-charge fashion, attacked kindergarten. She chose early on to "be good at school cause I don't like getting in trouble" and rocked the house with learning self-control, obeying and respecting other adults in an authority position, and made a bunch of adorable little friends. She learned to read and write (her penmanship is beautiful), lost three teeth which excited her more than I would have guessed, and found out she's a whiz at math. Who knew? She can not wait to start 1st grade and is most looking forward to "staying all day and getting hot lunch." Her bangs are ALMOST grown out and I think her eyes may emerge from the bang cover sooner than Kaitlin's. Way to go Miss Alli. You will love 1st grade.

Paige didn't do school this year but it feels incomplete to write a blog about the kids and not mention Poogie. She has always been a momma's girl and hasn't been as much of a social butterfly as her older siblings, but this year she started developing her own little social circle. She seems to have changed the most physically: she grew her bangs and her hair out, she got much taller and lost that baby-faced toddler look. She has learned to be VERY assertive and somewhat bossy, is testing boundaries to solidify her place in our family, and is that phase of wearing the same thing over and over and over again and bringing everything but the kitchen sink with her EVERYWHERE she goes. She is excited to start pre-school in the fall and loves going to the gym to play with her friends. I'm not sure what I'll do without my constant companion when she starts school...

Way to go Stilp kidlets. I am proud of your hard work at school and your hard work to grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life. You melt my heart, bless my life more than imaginable, and fill my heart with inexplicable joy. Well done.

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