Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life As Alli and Paige See It

Alli (6 years) and Paige (4 years) have been making me laugh this weekend. Here are my favorites.

We stopped at Sonic and each of the kids got a slushie drink. Paige described her drink as "watermelon juice with ice."

Tonight on the way to church, Paige and Alli were singing worship songs with their eyes closed and hands lifted. It was really sweet. Alli described to us why she worships like that: "Well, when you lift your hands you're reaching out to God to try to grab Him and bring Him closer, and you close your eyes so you can concentrate better."

Paige gave me her craft when I picked her up from her class at church. I tried to give it back to her and she said it disgust, "I don't want it. That's animal fur (pointing to the curly paper they glued to the drawing of a man). And that (pointing to a picture of a locust) is what he ate. Grasshoppers! Gross!" When I asked her what the man's name was, she said, "I forgot." Fortunately Alli knew his name and piped up with "John the Baptize."

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