Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm a big fan of clean-cut guys, especially clean cut hair. I still love you if you're a dude with long hair, it's just not my personal preference. When Grant was a little guy and I had time to actually dress my kids, he was Mr. Preppy. He had hats and shoes for every occasion, rocked out the button-up shirts with cardigans and khakis, and his hair was always cut short with a little bit of gel in the front to emphasize the few curls I left on the top of his head.

Wouldn't you know, now that he can choose his style, he hates preppy? Grant is all about plaid flannels, skinny jeans and Vans. He skateboards, got a trick bike for his birthday, loves alternative music, plays guitar, and loves his hair LONG. He started wanting to grow his hair out in Kindergarten and for the past four years, Grant and I have been battling it out over his hair.

He likes it long. I like it short. We both try to compromise and one of us ends up not thrilled. He cut his hair really short for school this year and I thought we'd turned the corner but that style lasted all of one haircut before he wanted it long again. It's not a battle I care enough to really fight but everyone has their tipping point so when I get really tired of not seeing his ears, I force the issue and he gets his hair cut.

I'm currently at my tipping point so I prepped him earlier this week that a haircut was on the horizon. Of course he moaned and groaned and rolled his eyes and we started our good-natured negotiating. Curt overheard us and jumped into the conversation with this brilliant statement, "Hair cut? No way dude. It's almost summer. I think you should grow it out ALL summer long and see how long and crazy it gets!" Grant got so giddy with excitement that he began giggling like a little girl. His smile consumed his entire face and how could I say no? I did manage to negotiate that I get to have a say in the back-t0-school haircut this fall and with that, Grant and I shook hands and sealed the deal. He's a free man for the summer and I get to learn, every day for the next three months, to let the little stuff go.

All three of the girls are in various phases of growing out their bangs and I haven't seen their eyes in several weeks. Alli is growing her hair "to the floor," Katie is growing her hair "to her bottom" and Paige doesn't care. I'll be sure to keep you posted on their hair-growing progress.

My hair, which has always been so stick straight that I can't get a wave out of it if I tried, has over the course of the past several months, started getting wavier and wavier. Yesterday it was slightly humid here and I had legitimate curls. What's up with that?

Curt's hair stopped growing in the places he wants it to so he started shaving his head. Don't expect any dramatic hair changes for him. Sorry to disappoint.

I've posted beginning photos so watch for how bad it gets before the back-to-school hair cuts in three months.

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  1. Go Grant! This will be fun to watch and he will be handsome no matter how he does his hair. What fun! :)