Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweetest Thing from Grant's Perspective

Grant (now 9 years old) gave me a pile of homework papers to look at this morning. Crammed in the middle of math and spelling sheets was a creative writing sample. It made me laugh out loud so I thought I'd share it. To set the stage, he has been to the Sweetest Thing one time although he has overheard conversations between me and my friend about how much we love this new gem in Newberg. I'm not sure where he got ages of the kids. I think that's a guess. I will type it exactly as he wrote it and not correct for spelling.

"My favorite place in Newberg is the Sweetest thing cupcakes store.
Right when you walk in there is a small counter with cupcakes on it. It is so warm and cozy there. The paint color there is so cool, the walls are a choclate brown and the chairs are a strange (but cool) blue.
The menu there is on the counter. Every day there is some specail that is not a cupcake like a scone or muffin. Usaully the cupcakes flavors are differnt everyday except these small cupcakes that are always there.
The frosting on the cupcakes is about 3 inches tall. Eating them is so fun because you can use your finger like a knife to spread the frosting on the bottom part of the cupcake. The taste is very sweet and the cupcakes are very filling.
Two families run this very nice company. They all have kids 4-15 years old. The 10 year old boy usaully runs the counter.
As you can see sweetest thing cupcakes is a wonderful place to visit."

Now don't you want to go there?!?!

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  1. LOL at "the 10 year old boy usually runs the counter." So sweet... you have to share this with them!