Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh The Irony...

Remember Perfect Mom from this fall? I thought about going back to the park to try to run into her and tell her how her gentle spirit and soft words both blessed and challenged me that day, but life took over and I never followed through. Today I was in the locker room at the pool and who should walk in but Perfect Mom and her three little ducklings. I recognized her immediately and of all the dumb things, got instantly nervous and started arguing with myself in my head.

Self: "You should go talk to her."
Me: "No way. That's weird. What on earth would I say?"
Self: "You need to encourage her. We all need encouragement. Go talk to her." and so on and so forth.

The whole time I was getting dressed I was arguing with myself and just the time I was ready to wimp out and leave, she came out of her dressing room. I took a deep breath, walked over and said, "Hi. I met you this fall at the park. I'm sure you don't remember but I wanted to tell you that I was so blessed by your gentle spirit and kind words with your kids. It's not something that comes naturally for me and is something I have to really work on, so it both blessed and encouraged me." There. I did it. Now I'm waiting through what I KNEW would be an awkward pause, but wasn't.

When she opened her mouth, she said and I quote, "Well, I'm anything but perfect..." Oh the irony!

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