Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Janis' Jewelry and Gifts According to Kaitlin

Kaitlin (7 1/2 years) liked Grant's synopsis of The Sweetest Thing so much that on her own she decided to write up a description of her favorite place in Newberg. Here's what she wrote, as she wrote it. I think we need to focus a bit on spelling and how to use the many versions of "there."

"I love Janis Jelwery and Gift. It has bags and birthday gifts and their are all sorts of jelwery. The best part of it is the really nice lady who will fix your necklace if it broke. It is sooo!!!! cool. I think all the necklaces are super cool. They have all sorts of diffrent kinds of necklaces their are peace, love, animals, little desinged balls and little things that say sassy, grumpy, tickled and sad. I think it is one of the best places in Newberg. The End."

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